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Paint QR in .NET Lesson 2: Managing Application Compatibility

3. How many network connections does a node need for clustering Why 4. How does the health check within a Windows cluster work 5. Which types of disk configurations are supported for clustering
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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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Standard File and Folder Permissions
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SSAS retrieves data from data sources for two reasons: to process SSAS database objects and to perform prediction joins and drillthrough operations in the DMX SELECT statement. For SSAS to securely introduce itself to a source for each task, you must configure the impersonation information of a data source. You have the following options:
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Code access security (CAS) is a new type of security. Using CAS will require you to understand completely new security concepts. This lesson describes the concept behind CAS and each of the components used by the .NET Framework to implement CAS.
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Table 5-4 lists the events common to all connection objects.
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After you install the Configuration Storage server, the next step in the implementation is to configure the enterprise administrator roles and configure enterprise networks and enterprise policies and rules.
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8. Turn headers and footers back on. Experiment with the settings in the Shrink To Fit box. Restore the Shrink To Fit setting. 9. Click the Page Setup button. As shown in Figure 4-28, the Page Setup dialog box lets you select landscape and portrait orientation, specify page size (for example letter or A4), and specify paper source. It also provides a nongraphical (and more accurate) method of specifying margin settings. Finally, it allows you to specify the header and footer formats. code 39 generator source code
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Enable the Audit Account Logon Events policy.
Creating Symmetric Keys
Installing and Configuring Office Applications
Versions Supporting SQL Server Standard Edition Service Pack 1, Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1, Datacenter Edition Service Pack 1 Standard Edition Service Pack 1, Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (Windows-on-Windows 32-bit emulation) Standard Edition Service Pack 1, Enterprise Edi tion Service Pack 1, Datacenter Edition Service Pack 1
Case Scenario 2: Choosing the Deployment Method
imageStream = mtomProxy.GetVistaImage
Exercise 1: Create a Database by Using an SMO Application In this exercise, you create a simple Windows application that uses SMO to create a new database on your SQL Server. The application will ask you to supply the SQL Server instance name and the name of the new database, and then it will create the database and display database property information in a list box. 1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. 2. Click File, New, and Project. 3. In the New Project dialog box, expand the Other Project Types node, and select Visual Studio Solutions. Type TK4424 as the name of your blank solution, and place it in a directory of your choosing. A new solution file will be created, and you can add multiple projects to this solution. You will add one project for each lab in included in this chapter. 4. Select File, Add, and New Web Site. Select Windows Application as the template, and type Lab1 as the project name. Set the language by selecting Visual Basic or Visual C# from the language drop-down list box. By default, Visual Studio will select the language specified when it was first configured.
B. The cable has become disconnected from the client s NIC.
FiGURe 8-7 Example of a more user-friendly output for the sys.dm_fts_index_population DMV
Data contracts are declared by applying the DataContractAttribute to a .NET type, and you will need to decorate that type s members that you want to include in the Data contract with the DataMemberAttribute. This is an optional approach that is independent of the visibility of members (that is, whether they have public, protected, or private visibility). Unless explicitly declared otherwise, the new WCF serializer called the DataContractSerializer performs serialization. In the Controlling Serialization section at the end of this lesson, you ll look at how you can specify explicitly that the earlier .NET XmlSerializer be used.
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