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asynchronous reading of location reports and location report type status. To start getting location event notifications, you need to register your callback implementation. Before we jump into the actual callback implementation, let s take a look at how to register to start receiving location event notifications. Our callback implementation class is CLocationEvents. This class has to inherit the ILocationEvents interface to enable the Location API to send event notifications to our class. First, you need to create an instance of this class. Our implementation uses ATL, so creating a new instance of CLocationEvents looks like this:
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Description The name resolution service that provides SQL Server connection information for client computers. If you have named instances, you must turn on the SQL Server Browser to resolve them. If you don t have named instances, you can turn it off. Quickly creates full-text indexes on content and proper ties of structured and semistructured data to allow fast linguistic searches on this data. Publishes and manages SQL Server services in Windows Active Directory. Enables backup and restore applications to operate in the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework (instead of the built-in backup feature in SQL Server). There is a single instance of the SQL Writer service for all SQL instances on the server.
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SELECT SalesOrderID, ProductID, SUM(Linetotal) AS 'Total' FROM Sales.SalesOrderDetail GROUP BY ProductID, SalesOrderID WITH CUBE ORDER BY SalesOrderID, ProductID;
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1. With the least administrative effort, how can you best provide enough addresses for the 290 clients that require dynamic addressing and still allow for connectivity among all networked computers (Choose only one answer.) a. Create a new superscope and then add the and scopes to the new superscope. b. Reconfigure the scope as and set conflict detection attempts to 3. Restart all computers by using the Shutdown /i command. c. Add a second DHCP server on the network segment to distribute address leases through the scope. d. Add a second DHCP server on the network segment to distribute address leases through the scope. Restart all computers by using the Shutdown /i command. 2. Your boss wants to reserve 20 computers in a special subnet within the range and place these computers on the same network segment as the other computers. To achieve this task, you deploy a new DHCP server to issue leases in the address range and create 20 lease reservations for the new set of computers. However, after the new DHCP server is deployed, the scope does not issue any new leases even though it is activated. Which of the fol lowing would most likely cause this scenario a. You have not reconciled the scopes on the new DHCP server. b. You have not verified the database consistency. c. You have not excluded the range of addresses issued by the original DHCP computer. d. You have not assigned the new DHCP server an address within the range. 3. After you enable the new scopes to issue addresses, some users begin to complain that they can no longer access network resources. Checking the DHCP server audit logs, you find several NACK messages. What steps should you take to resolve this problem (Choose all that apply.) a. Create a superscope on each DHCP server consisting of the active scopes deployed on the network segment. b. Create client reservations for all appropriate clients on the original DHCP server. c. On the original DHCP server, exclude the full range of addresses within the special subnet. d. On the new DHCP server, exclude the full range of addresses issued by the original DHCP server.
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The Net PC is a highly manageable platform with the capability to perform a network boot, manage upgrades, and prevent users from changing the hardware or operating system configuration. Additional requirements for the Net PC are as follows:
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By adding the parameter @with_log = true when creating a user-defined message using sp_addmessage. By adding the WITH LOG option at the end of a RAISERROR statement. By executing the xp_logevent extended stored procedure.
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Designing Security for Remote Access Users
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Figure 9-9: Prompt For Credentials On The Secure Desktop 8. Click Start. In the In the Search Programs And Files text box, type gpupdatef/force and press Enter. 9. Click Start. In the In the Search Programs And Files text box, type User Accounts. Click the User Accounts item on the Start menu. 10. Click the Change User Account Control Settings item. Note that you are required to enter your user name and password on the Secure Desktop, as shown in Figure 9-10. Enter your password and then click Yes.
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is reported when you open the Docs folder
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One of the primary deployment scenarios for ISA Server 2004 is as an Internet-edge firewall. An Internet-edge firewall is deployed at the connecting point between the Internet and the internal network. In this scenario, ISA Server provides both a secure gateway for internal users to the Internet and a firewall that prevents unauthorized access and malicious content from entering the network. Figure 1-3 shows an example of how ISA Server can be deployed as an Internet-edge firewall.
Configuring a Deployment Project to Deploy the .NET Framework
Securing Resources with NTFS Permissions
The IsolatedStorageFile class provides the basic functionality to create files and folders in isolated storage. Table 2-34 shows the most important IsolatedStorageFile static/ shared methods.
Restrictions based on computers
Property BulkLoad SchemaGen SGDropTables
System.IO System.Net System.Security.Permissions System.Text.RegularExpressions
1. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: A domain user runs with restricted rights. After you place a user account into the SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$InstanceName group account, this user account is granted the minimum rights and permissions required to run the SQL Server service. B. Incorrect: The Local System account has full access to the system. This is not a secure configuration because it leaves open the possibility that Trojan horses and other malware can damage the system. C. Incorrect: Use of the Network Service account is not recommended for the SQL Server and SQL Agent services. D. Incorrect: A domain admin has complete access to the domain. This is not a secure configuration because it leaves open the possibility that Trojan horses and other malware can damage any system on the domain, includ ing the Active Directory database. 2. Correct Answers: A, C, and D A. Correct: The CHECK_POLICY option forces SQL Server logins to conform to the same restrictions as Windows accounts. B. Incorrect: Local Security Policy settings do not enforce the password pol icy for SQL Server logins. C. Correct: The CHECK_POLICY and CHECK_EXPIRATION options are enforced only on Windows Server 2003 machines (or later). D. Correct: The CHECK_EXPIRATION option forces SQL Server logins to conform to password age restrictions defined in the password policy.
B. Incorrect: In the Refresh Computer scenario, the computer already has an operating
Implementing, Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Hardware Devices and Drivers
Table 1-4
DESCRIPTION Opens Windows images, creates answer files, and manages distribution shares and configuration sets. Captures, creates, modifies, and applies Windows images. Applies updates, drivers, and language packs to a Windows image. DISM is
In most large enterprises, desktop administrators are not responsible for troubleshooting Kerberos and other high-end AD DS functions, but there are a number of tools they can use to display information about possible causes of the authentication failure, including the following:
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