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Loads NTOSKRNL.EXE, but does not initialize it. Loads the hardware abstraction layer file (HAL.DLL). Loads the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM Registry key. Selects the control set it will use to initialize the computer. A control set contains configuration data used to control the system, such as a list of the device drivers and services to load and start. Loads device drivers with a value of 0x0 for the Start entry. These typically are low-level hardware device drivers, such as those for a hard disk. The value for the List entry, which is specified in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ServiceGroupOrder subkey of the Registry, defines the order in which NTLDR loads these device drivers.
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Configuring Mobile Devices
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(password, saltValueBytes, SHA1", 3);
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System Restore works by creating restore points that contain a snapshot of the Registry (which includes user account, application, and hardware configuration) and a copy of certain system files that Windows XP Professional requires for startup. System Restore creates restore points automatically when certain events occur, and you can also create restore points manually. System Restore is enabled by default in Windows XP Professional to monitor all drives on the computer. You can disable System Restore entirely or you can disable it on any particular drive. You cannot disable System Restore on the system drive without disabling it on all drives. You should create a restore point manually if you are about to perform any major action, such as installing or removing an application, installing a new hardware device, or troubleshooting a problem. Windows provides access to restore points in a convenient date-based display. When you restore to a restore point, Windows must restart so that it can apply configuration changes.
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the serviced components through the services. When we added a default applica tion name to our assembly in the previous section we were actually using an attribute, the ApplicationNameAttribute. Note that these attributed configuration set tings can be changed in the Component Services snap-in of the MMC after the com ponent has been installed. We ll look at how to use attributes to utilize the following:
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How to Use the Storeadm Tool
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The ability to research and find answers isn t an innate ability; a good researcher sim ply has to know where to look for answers.
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Lessons in this chapter: code 39 generator
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7. Add code to the OnStop method to stop the timer, as the following sample demonstrates:
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Min EmployeeID - 11 21 31 41 51 61
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FileIOPermission filePermissions = new FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.Read, @"C:\Windows\ ); if ( SecurityManager.IsGranted(filePermissions) == true ) // Assembly can read the C:\Windows directory else // Assembly cannot read the C:\Windows directory Dim filePermissions As FileIOPermission = New FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.Read, C:\Windows\ ) If SecurityManager.IsGranted(filePermissions) = True Then Assembly can read the C:\Windows directory Else Assembly cannot read the C:\Windows directory End If
The Reliability Monitor can be very helpful for IT professionals who have to maintain computers that are in an environment that is unmanaged, such as computers that are used in the home or in a small business environment without an Active Directory directory service domain. In enterprise environments, system administrators are generally able to control what software, features, and hardware are installed on computers in the environment. The 70-620 exam deals with Windows Vista computers in less structured environments, such as the home and small businesses. In these environments, the person who uses the computer usually has administrator privileges on that computer and is responsible for installing all applications and hardware. This can make troubleshooting more difficult than it is in an enterprise environment because in the enterprise environment, you have a level of control over what people can and cannot install. In an unmanaged environment, you cannot entirely be sure of what has happened to the computer that has caused the problem that you have been asked to fix because with full administrator rights, the user could have done anything! The Reliability Monitor reports on the following:
Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Security Center. In the Windows Security Center window, click Windows Firewall. In the Windows Firewall dialog box, select the On (recommended) option. To apply the new settings, click OK.
Transparent Client Redirection
Exam Highlights
Exam Highlights
Fade or slide ToolTips Causes ToolTips to fade or slide into view instead of simply appearing. into view ToolTips are the pop-up descriptions that appear beside certain items when you hold your pointer over them. Disabling this effect makes ToolTips appear faster.
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A. Subnet A B. Subnet B C. Subnet C D. Subnet D E. Subnet E F. Subnet F
End If // C# // Create a Customer Row and assign it the row being changed NorthwindDataset.CustomersRow CustRow = (NorthwindDataset.CustomersRow)e.Row; // Display a dialog to confirm the update
forests through Active Directory Federation Services. To do so, you must prepare the following: 1. Assign an SSL certificate to the Web site hosting the AD RMS root cluster. This will ensure secure communications between the cluster and the AD FS resource server.
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