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An alternative to adjusting ACLs and privileges is to prompt the user for administrators credentials when additional privileges are required, and use impersonation to tempo rarily gain elevated rights while running code that requires higher privileges than a standard user has. Although providing administrator credentials would be too cumber some for tasks that users performed constantly, impersonation is useful when building rarely used management functions. For example, consider a human resources application that is typically used by standard users but that requires elevated privileges when new user accounts are added. When a new employee is added, your application should prompt the user for credentials that show permission to add users immediately before creating the user account. If an
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IDeserializationCallback, OnDeserialization
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Terminal Server
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Lesson 1: Using Culture Information
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Practice 1: Investigate Other Client Protocols
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3. Open Disk Management. 4. Detect and initialize the new disk. Disk Management will likely detect the new disk and present the Initialize Disk Wizard. If the wizard does not appear, check to see if the disk appears in Disk Management and, if not, right-click Disk Man agement and choose Rescan. Once the disk appears, right-click the disk and choose Initialize. 5. Recover the volumes (in any order). Recover the RAID-5 volume a. Convert the new disk to a dynamic disk. Right-click the new disk and choose Convert to Dynamic. b. Right-click a functioning portion of the RAID-5 volume and choose Repair Volume. Select the new disk, which has ample space to support a member of the stripe. The RAID-5 volume will be created and synchronized. Recover the mirrored volume a. Remove the mirror. Right-click the failed drive and choose Remove Mirror. Confirm that the portion marked Missing is selected and click Remove Mirror. The remaining portion of the mirror becomes a simple volume. b. Right-click the simple volume and choose Add Mirror. Select the new disk, which has ample space for the mirror, and click Add Mirror. The mirror will be created and synchronized. Recover the striped volume a. Delete the volume. Striped volumes are not fault-tolerant. All data on the vol ume was lost. b. Re-create the volume. Right-click on unallocated space where the stripe had existed, and choose New Volume. Select a striped volume and add the new disk to the stripe. The striped volume will be created and formatted. c. Restore data from the backup to the striped volume. Recover the spanned volume a. Delete the volume. Spanned volumes are not fault-tolerant. All data on the volume was lost. b. Re-create the volume. Right-click on unallocated space where the volume had existed, and choose New Volume. Select a spanned volume and add the new disk to the stripe. Select the appropriate amount of space to use on the new disk. The spanned volume will be created and formatted. c. Restore data from the backup to the spanned volume.
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Checking GPO links and object placement is relatively easy when you are dealing with a simple, flat domain. However, when you have an AD DS hierarchy with multiple layers of OUs, inheritance becomes a critical part of Group Policy deployment and troubleshooting. By default, when you link a GPO to an AD DS object, the settings in that GPO are inherited by all objects subordinate to the linked object. Most enterprise administrators design their AD DS hierarchies with this tendency in mind. By linking GPOs with more general settings to objects higher up in the AD DS hierarchy, they can then link GPOs farther down that contain only the settings needed by specific workstation types. This makes it easier to maintain and troubleshoot Group Policy because the more general settings are located in only one, or a few, domain-level GPOs, rather than in a dozen or more OU-level GPOs. For this arrangement to function properly, however, the OUs farther down in the hierarchy must inherit the settings from those farther up. This inheritance, as mentioned earlier, is the default behavior, but there are several mechanisms that can interfere with it, as discussed in the following sections.
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Clients contact proxy server with request
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3. How many different logical tiers can each component in your design belong to A. One. B. Two. C. As many as required. D. A component should not be tied to a specific tier of the design.
The typical WSUS deployment has both updates and approvals coming from the same location. You configure clients to use the WSUS server through Group Policy. You learn how to configure the appropriate policy in Lesson 2 of this chapter.
Figure 9-19
How to Restrict Access to a Remoting Service by Using File Authorization
You can use triggers to enforce referential integrity. However, you should not use triggers in place of declarative referential integrity (DRI) via a FOREIGN KEY constraint. DRI is enforced when the modification is made, before the change is part of the table, and is much more efficient than executing trigger code. However, you cannot define FOREIGN KEY constraints across databases. To enforce referential integrity across databases, you must use triggers.
Lesson Review
C. Create an application folder in C:\Program Files\ComPlus and drag MyAs sembly.dll into this folder. D. Create an application node in the Component Services management con sole and drag MyAssembly.dll onto this node.
' Read the type from SQL Server. Public Sub Read(ByVal r As System.IO.BinaryReader) _ Implements IBinarySerialize.Read Me.m_Value = r.ReadDecimal() Me.m_CurrencyCode = r.ReadString() Me.m_IsNull = False End Sub
Because primary keys and unique constraints are both constraints and indexes, you can find information about them in both the sys.key_constraints and sys.indexes catalog views.
e xercise 3
Reporting Services has been deployed in Adventure Works, and multiple departments are requesting access to the new server. However, some employees need to access reports from departments other than their own. At the same time, some users from the call center require the flexibility to create reports based on their customers. Adventure Works uses a mixed database environment, with most applications running on SQL Server 2008 but some running on Oracle.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Honeycutt]
Remote Assistance enables users to request support from a more advanced user or from computer support personnel. With Remote Assistance, the user providing support can connect to the troubled user s desktop, view what is happening remotely, and take control of the system to resolve a problem if necessary. Remote Desktop enables users to remotely access their computers across the network and use the desktop as if they were sitting in front of the computer.
' VB If e.Column.ColumnName = "Quantity" Then End If // C# if (e.Column.ColumnName == "Quantity") { }
When the FlatStyle is set to Flat, there are fewer built-in visual cues that allow the user to interact with the button. You can provide additional cues by setting appropriate val ues in the FlatAppearance property. The following procedure describes how to set the BackColor of the button when under the mouse.
' VB AddHandler DemoTimer.Elapsed, AddressOf OnTick // C# DemoTimer.Elapsed += new ElapsedEventHandler(OnTick);
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