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A traditional Windows application offers the advantage of a rich user interface and therefore can be useful if your hosting application requires a lot of interaction with end users. As is the case with console applica tions, the disadvantage with Windows applications is that they have to be started manually. Although you can place the application in a user s startup folder so that it executes automatically, a Windows application still requires that a user log on, which could be a limiting factor for your application.
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Although the Netsh dhcp> prompt allows you to add, delete, and view DHCP servers on your network, many more DHCP management controls are accessible through the
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10. Click Do Not Transfer The Infrastructure Master Role To This Domain Controller. I Will Correct The Configuration Later. 11. On the Location For Database, Log Files, And SYSVOL page, accept the default locations for the database file, the directory service log files, and the SYSVOL files and click Next. The best practice in a production environment is to store these files on three separate volumes that do not contain applications or other files not related to AD DS. This best practices design improves performance and increases the efficiency of backup and restore. 12. On the Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password page, type a strong password in both the Password and Confirmed Password boxes. Click Next. Do not forget the password you assigned to the Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator. 13. On the Summary page, review your selections. If any settings are incorrect, click Back to make modifications. 14. Click Export Settings. 15. Click Browse Folders. 16. Select Desktop. 17. In the File Name box, type AdditionalDC and click Save. A message appears indicating that settings were saved successfully. 18. Click OK. 19. On the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard Summary page, click Cancel. 20. Click Yes to confirm that you are cancelling the installation of the DC. Exercise 2 Add a Domain Controller from the Command Line In this exercise, you will examine the answer file you created in Exercise 1, Create an Additional DC with the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard. You will use the installation options in the answer file to create a Dcpromo.exe command line to install the additional domain controller. 1. Open the AdditionalDC.txt file you created in Exercise 1. 2. Examine the answers in the file. Can you identify what some of the options mean Tip: Lines beginning with a semicolon are comments or inactive lines that have been commented out. 3. Open a command prompt. You will be building a command line, using the options in the answer file. Position the windows so you can see both Notepad and the command prompt or print the answer file for reference. 4. Determine the command line to install the domain controller with the configuration contained in the answer file. Parameters on the command line take the form /option:value whereas, in the answer file, they take the form option=value.
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Your company has leased the network You want to subdivide this network into 10 evenly sized subnets. No single subnet will ever contain more than 100 users. You do not use NAT or private network addresses. The default gateway is always the lowest possible user address on a subnet. You use DHCP for your client PCs, but your servers are configured manually. The 10 lowest IP addresses on each subnet are excluded from the DHCP scope so they can be used for manual configuration. Which of the following configurations is a valid server A. IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway: B. IP address: Subnet mask: Default gateway:
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3. What is the configuration error
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and especially indexed views, is de-normalizing at the physical level. The great benefit with de-normalizing at the physical level is that the database engine will maintain the redundant data for you. An example of de-normalization is to store the finished result of certain queries in a table, and instead of executing these queries again, to just read the result directly from that table. If this is what you need, you should probably first look at the possibility of caching the result of these queries in the application. Another use of de-normalization is to redundantly store columns from a parent table in a child table, for example:
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Public Class CallbackClient Implements ICallback Public Sub CallbackMethod(parameter As String) SyncLock Me ' Implementation code goes here End SyncLock End Sub End Class // C# [CallbackBehavior(ConcurrencyMode = ConcurrencyMode.Single)] public class CallbackClient : ICallback { public void CallbackMethod(string paremeter) { lock (this) { // Implementation code } } }
Manage DNS.
Visual Studio 2005
C. Clear the Allow Users To Change My Files check box on the Sharing tab of each shared folder.
Web services are software applications that expose data and functionality to multiple platforms over the Internet using a communication protocol known as SOAP. The WebService declaration must be placed in each .asmx file of your Web service application. This declaration is used to tell the .asmx handler where to find the class file that implements the code for your Web service. The WebService class is the base class for all Web services, and it is included in the System.Web.Services namespace. The WebService attribute can be used to specify basic information about your Web service. This information can include a name, description, and unique namespace. It is a good idea to set the namespace to something other than the default before a Web service is deployed into production.
7. On the Certificate Database Settings page, click Next. 8. When prompted, click Yes to restart IIS. When prompted to enable ASP, click Yes again.
Use the following questions to help determine whether you have learned enough to move on to the next lesson. If you have difficulty answering these questions, review the material in this lesson before beginning the next lesson. You can find answers to these questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. Your organization has a head office and one branch office. You have deployed ISA Server 2004 in both locations and configured a site-to-site VPN between the two locations. Currently all users at the branch office can access the Exchange Server computer located at the head office. You need to modify the configuration so that
The following sections explain how to use DPAPI and then provide best practices for using DPAPI.
Class IComparable
Questions and Answers
You must include an entry for each filegroup in the source database. You must define the logical name of each filegroup the same as in the source database. You must specify the AS SNAPSHOT OF clause with the CREATE DATABASE command.
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