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Answer the following questions for your CEO. 1. Can .NET Framework CAS prevent viruses from spreading Why or why not 2. Will installing the .NET Framework on my computer improve the security If not, what will it accomplish 3. Could a .NET Framework based virus running in the Internet zone, with the default CAS permissions, effectively replicate itself across our network Why or why not 4. Could a malicious .NET Framework based assembly running in the Intranet zone, with the default CAS permissions, delete files on your hard drive Why or why not
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How many shares are present on each computer
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Program Class Keys
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Figure 6-18: Pinging the Canberra computer from the Aberdeen computer 16. On the Canberra computer, enter ping Check that you have two-way connectivity. 17. Restore dynamic IPv4 configuration on both the Canberra and Aberdeen computers. EXERCISE 2: Configuring ICS on the Canberra Computer In this exercise, you install ICS on the Canberra computer. This enables Internet access on Aberdeen and ensures that Canberra can supply DNS and DHCP services on the network. The exercise requires that Canberra can access the Internet wirelessly and is therefore optional. If you also have a wireless adapter on the Aberdeen computer, ensure that this is disabled. Ensure that both Aberdeen and Canberra are Configured to obtain IPv4 settings automatically. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. If necessary, log on to the Canberra computer using the Kim_Akers account. Open Network And Sharing Center. Click Change Adapter Settings. Right-click the wireless adapter Wireless Network Connection and choose Properties. Click the Sharing tab. Select the Allow Other Network Users To Connect Through This Computer's Internet Connection check box, as shown in Figure 6-19. Click OK.
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Modifying no-refresh intervals The no-refresh interval is the period after a timestamp during which a zone or server rejects a timestamp refresh. The no-refresh feature prevents unnecessary refreshes from being processed by the server and reduces unnecessary zone transfer traffic. The default no-refresh interval is seven days. Modifying refresh intervals The refresh interval is the time after the no-refresh interval during which timestamp refreshes are accepted and resource records are not scavenged. After the no-refresh and refresh intervals expire, records can be scav enged from the zone. The default refresh interval is 7 days. Consequently, when aging is enabled, dynamically registered resource records can be scavenged after 14 days by default.
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372 Introducing Windows 7 for Developers
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Identify and Troubleshoot Problems Related to Security Permissions
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Figure 5-5
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So assuming from here on (for this section, anyway) that the class we re talking about can be a base class, there is a question of accessibility. In the .NET world, properties and methods can be defined with various levels of exposure:
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step usually executes a single discrete business operation.
Figure 4-13
2. Which tool will allow you to identify accounts that have not been used for two months a. DSADD b. DSGET c. DSMOD d. DSRM e. DSQUERY
Simple volume The equivalent to a basic disk partition is a dynamic disk simple volume. Simple volumes use space on a single physical disk and correspond to a single logical volume. Simple volumes can be extended by appending unallocated space on other regions of the same disk, allowing you to adjust a volume s capacity with the growth of data stored in that volume. Because simple volumes exist on only one physical disk, they are not fault-tolerant. Spanned volume A spanned volume includes space on more than one physical disk. Up to 32 physical disks can participate in a spanned volume, and the amount of space used on each disk can be different. Data is written to the volume beginning with the space on the first disk in the volume. When the space on the first disk fills, the second disk is written to, and so on. Spanned volumes provide an option for increasing drive capacity. If a simple or spanned volume is filling up, you can extend the volume onto additional new storage capacity. But spanned volumes are not fault-tolerant and cannot participate in any faulttolerant configurations. Because their size tends to be greater, and because multiple physical disks are involved, the risk for failure increases. If any one disk in a spanned volume is corrupted or lost, data on the entire volume is lost as well. For these reasons, Windows Server 2003 will not allow the installation of the operating system on a spanned volume, nor can you extend or span the system volume. Spanned volumes are recommended only as a stop-gap measure when an existing volume fills to capacity or in situations where tolerance for failure is high for example, a large library of read-only data that can easily be restored from tape backup in the event of failure.
DDL triggers can be configured to protect the database from user damage. DDL triggers can have a database or instance scope. The scope of a DDL trigger is dependent on the statement that fires the trigger. DDL triggers that have the scope of a single database are stored in that database. DDL triggers that have the scope of an entire instance are stored in the master database. Database diagrams provide visual representations of the interrelationships between database objects. Database diagrams can be created using SQL Server Management Studio.
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Designing the Physical Database
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How to Create a Local User Account by Using Computer Management
Catch any security denied exceptions so that they can be logged Try Create and demand the PrincipalPermission object Dim administratorPermission As PrincipalPermission= New PrincipalPermission (Nothing, requiredRole, True)
You are working as an administrator for Tailspin Toys, a manufacturer of remote-controlled airplanes. Raymond, one of your junior administrators, tells you that he received a call from Martin, a user in the Sales department, who shares a workstation with two other users. Martin complained to Raymond that he had forgotten the password for his local user account and could not log on to his computer. Raymond intended to use Computer Management to reset Martin s password, but accidentally deleted the user account instead. He says that he clicked Yes in the dialog box that warned him about the deletion, thinking that the message was warning him about resetting the password instead.
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