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They provide important administrative capabilities because they provide a point at which administrative functions can be delegated and to which group policies can be linked.
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Calculating exact storage space
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In this practice, you will manage intrasite and intersite replication in the contoso.com domain. To perform the exercises in this practice, you must have completed the Lesson 1 practice as well as the Lesson 2 practice, Replication and Directory Partitions, in this chapter. Exercise 1 Create a Connection Object Configure direct replication between a domain controller that will be a standby operations master and the domain controller that is currently the operations master. Then, if the current operations master needs to be taken offline, the standby operations master is as up to date as possible with the operations master. In this exercise, you will create a connection object between SERVER01 and SERVER02, where SERVER02, the standby operations master, replicates from SERVER01, the current operations master. 1. Log on to SERVER01 as Administrator. 2. Open the Active Directory Sites And Services snap-in. 3. Expand Sites, HEADQUARTERS, Servers, and SERVER02. 4. Select the NTDS Settings node under SERVER02 in the console tree. 5. Right-click NTDS Settings and choose New Active Directory Domain Services Connection. 6. In the Find Active Directory Domain Controllers dialog box, select SERVER01 and click OK. Because the KCC has already created a connection from SERVER01 to SERVER02, a warning appears asking if you want to create another connection. 7. Click Yes. 8. In the New Object Connection dialog box, type the name SERVER01 OPERATIONS MASTER and click OK.
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End If
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Type dfsrmig /setglobalstate 2 and press Enter. The following message appears:
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Adding a Tape Backup Device
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By manipulating subnet masks, you can customize address space to suit your network needs. Using subnetting, you can subdivide networks into distinct and separate groups. Using supernetting and CIDR, you can combine separate networks into a single address space.
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Practice 1 Use the application you created in the labs in this chapter, and
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Figure 11-18 The scaling behavior of the Ribbon.
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namespace MSLearning.6.PatientClasses {
Lesson 1: Exploring the Service Broker Architecture
See Also
Lesson 4: Working with Isolated Storage
Hard disk space requirements All editions need 350 MB for full installation and
A security access control list (SACL) is a usage event logging mechanism that determines how file or folder access is audited. Unlike a DACL, an SACL cannot restrict access to a file or folder. However, an SACL can cause an event to be recorded in the security event log when a user accesses a file or folder. This auditing can be used to troubleshoot access problems or identify intrusions. To a security professional, an SACL is a critical tool for intrusion detection. A systems administrator is more likely to use SACLs to identify permissions that need to be granted to a user to allow an application to run correctly. A developer uses SACLs to track resources that her application is denied access to so that she can customize the application to allow it to run without problems under a less privileged account.
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