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1. Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM. 2. Click Start, Run, and then type the following command in the Open box:
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Typically, you want to restore to the last restore point. In this case, you click Next and then click Finish to confirm the restore point and close the wizard. A computer restart is needed to complete the system restore process System restore points are created automatically on a daily basis and also just before updates, applications, and device drivers are installed. If, however, you intend to make changes that might affect the system, it is a good idea to first create a system restore point manually. To do this, you access the System Protection tab of the System Properties dialog box as before, select the hard disk or disks on which you want to create system restore points (you should always select the disk where system files are located typically the C drive; you might also choose to specify other disks where important files are stored), click Apply, and then click Create. Figure 12-28 shows the System Properties dialog box with a hard disk selected and the Create button enabled.
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CLR Stored Procedures These are stored procedures that utilize CLR code instead of TSQL code. They have the same execution characteristics as a T-SQL stored procedure; for example, the process to execute a CLR stored procedure from client code is identical to executing a TSQL stored procedure. CLR Triggers These are database triggers that utilize CLR code instead of TSQL code. Using CLR triggers, database developers can implement complex logic that is not possible in T-SQL. CLR triggers function identically to T-SQL stored procedures. User-Defined Types (UDTs) User-Defined Types are a way for database developers to apply object orientation into database code. For example, database developers can implement a custom class in .NET code that has all of the attributes required to represent a specific object. This class can then be created as a UDT and used to create a column and store data in a SQL Server 2005 table. CLR Table-Valued Functions (TVFs) CLR table-valued functions have one very important advantage over TSQL TVFs: They do not need a temporary work table to store results and can begin streaming the data back immediately. This is especially important for user perceptions of performance for large data sets. User-Defined Aggregates (UDAs) User-Defined Aggregates are useful when developing applications that perform complex mathematical operations. T-SQL can perform mathematical functions, but it is not designed for that purpose. Using UDAs, database developers can exert tight control over how aggregate calculations are performed.
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Here, the value in Row 03 points to the value in Row 01, saving several bytes in storage. Page compression also includes column prefixing, which is similar to page dictionary but can reuse parts of values. When considering whether to use row- or page-level compression, it is very important to verify the amount of space actually saved by turning on the compression.
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17. What happens
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GPOs contain policy settings that define configuration. When GPOs are scoped to a site, domain, or OU, users and computers within the scope of the GPO apply its policy settings. Processes on Windows clients determine the GPOs that must be downloaded and applied. Group Policy processing occurs at startup and every 90 120 minutes thereafter for computer settings and at logon and every 90 120 minutes thereafter for user settings.
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The prior test case example defines the standard path to test the process invoice transaction. The tester also needs to consider alternate paths (or edge cases) that do not have such successful results. These alternate paths should have a different set of expectations to pass. The alternate paths might derive from the alternate paths defined for the use cases or might originate as
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An access violation occurred in MSHTML.DLL
Device Manager reports problems with a device by displaying a warning icon next to it. You can find out more about that problem by right-clicking the device and viewing the device s properties. To continue from the earlier example, as you can see in Figure 3-2, the Device Status box in the General tab of the device s Properties dialog box indicates that the drivers for this particular device are not installed.
Public Function FirstName() As String _
Exam Tip If you are working with a computer that has older serial-based devices such as modems, a common problem is that different serial devices may be configured to use the same system resources (resources such as interrupt request, or IRQ, numbers). If a mouse or modem is not recognized by Windows, or if the mouse pointer behaves erratically when using a modem, use the Input Devices And Modem troubleshooters available in the Help and Support Center.
Figure 8-3
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The quota mechanism available through WCF involves controlling the amount of memory used by the service host and the various service implementation objects. The premise behind a DoS attack that is aimed at memory is to find a way to make the processing of the request(s) allocate an inordinately large amount of memory. As additional requests arrive (whether good ones or malicious ones), an OutOfMemoryException or a StackOverflowException might be raised. When you apply a quota to a WCF service, the QuotaExceededException is raised. However, instead of this exception causing the service to terminate (as the out of memory or stack
When Transact-SQL statements retrieve data from LOB columns, some LOB retrieval operations might require traversing the LOB tree multiple times. This might cause SET STATISTICS IO to report higher-than-expected logical reads.
Windows Server 2003 Active Directory authenticates users with one of two protocols Kerberos v5 or NT LAN Manager (NTLM). Kerberos v5 is the default protocol used by computers running Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 Server. If a computer involved in an authentication transaction does not support Kerberos v5, the NTLM protocol is used instead.
Answers 1. You need to ensure that all critical and recommended updates, particularly security updates, have been installed. Also, if any new hardware devices are to be used with the new computers that are not Plug and Play, you need to install the device drivers on the reference computer. You need to test the installation thoroughly. Finally, you need to use the Sysprep tool to generalize the computer configuration prior to the image capture. 2. You need to create a capture image on the WDS server. 3. You restart the reference computer and press F12 to boot from the network. On the boot menu, select the capture image and follow the procedure to create the computer's system image. You transfer the resulting WIM file to the WDS server. You boot each target computer from the network (if necessary, configuring the BIOS boot order to do so). You choose the standard boot image (not the capture image) from the boot menu and select the install image you created from the reference computer. The image is installed, and Setup continues normally. Suggested Practices To help you master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks. Manage and Manipulate a System Image Perform this practice exercise when logged on to the Canberra computer with the Kim_Akers user account. Use the DISM tool. Like all command-line tools, it might seem daunting to use at first, but it becomes familiar with practice. Mount the image on your bootable VHD, use all the Get options to obtain information, and then try all the configuration options. Commit your amendments to the image, boot from the VHD, and see the result of your changes. Become Familiar with the Deployment Tools Perform the first practice exercise when logged on to the Canberra computer with the Kim_ Akers user account. The second and third exercises are optional. Practice 1 MDT is already installed on your Canberra computer. Use the tool to install an operating system image, install drivers, install updates, install language packs, and install applications. Create and edit task sequences and associate answer files with the image. Practice 2 Create a virtual PC running Windows 7. Deploy the system image that you created in MDT and observe the results. Practice 3 Create a virtual server running Windows Server 2008. Install the AD DS server role and configure DHCP and DNS. Install the WDS role and practice using the Windows Deployment Services console and the WDSUTIL command-line tool.
Suggested Practices
Windows Server 2003 applies a limited share permission by default when creating a share. Most organizations follow the best practice, which is to allow Full Control as a share permission, and to apply specific permissions to the folder using the Security tab of the folder s properties dialog box. However, in the event that an administrator has not locked down a resource before sharing it, Windows Server 2003 errs in favor of security, using a share permission that allows Read-Only access.
Evaluating a logical design for run time attributes such as performance, scalability, availability, recoverability, security, and data integrity will ensure that the logical design will result in the one best suited to fulfill the requirements. Evaluating a logical design for architectural issues such as maintainability and extensibility will ensure that the Windows-based application can efficiently mature as a product. Evaluating a logical design for completeness against the business use cases will ensure that the logical design meets or exceeds the real reason the Windows-based application is being written.
Registry Editor saves data automatically as you make entries or corrections. New Registry data takes effect immediately. You can select Find Key on the View menu to search the Registry for a specific key. Key names appear in the left pane of Registry Editor. The search begins at the currently selected key and parses all descendant keys for the specified key name. The search is local to the subtree in which the search begins. For example, a search for a key in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subtree does not include keys under HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
Although you can install a DHCP server on a domain controller, this practice is not recommended for reasons discussed in the Security Concerns section in this chapter.
Report Exchange Server Availability Receive mail flow messages Mailbox reports in Exchange Mailbox and Folder Sizes folder Public Folder reports in Exchange Mailbox and Folder Sizes folder
1. Correct Answers: A, B, and D A. Correct: Technological risks can be lessened by a component prototype to ensure that assumptions made by the design can be achieved. B. Correct: If a client requests a prototype, this is reason enough to have a prototype created. A client might be the user of the component or a stakeholder in the project. C. Incorrect: You can get agreement on the component interface through the class diagram; a prototype is not required to get that agreement. D. Correct: If a prototype of the component is needed to complete a project proof of concept, it s perfectly acceptable to create the prototype. 2. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: Components that do data access do not belong in the User Interface tier. B. Correct: Components that do data access should live in the Data tier of the architecture. C. Incorrect: Even though the component does data access, it does not belong in the database. It belongs in the Data tier.
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