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Lesson 2: Defining Structural Contracts mvc barcode generator
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To make a specific file or folder available offline and enable automatic synchronization with the network, follow these steps: 1. In My Network Places, right-click the shared folder or file that you want to make available offline, and then select the Make Available Offline option. 2. In the Offline Files Wizard s Welcome page, click Next. 3. Select the Automatically Synchronize The Offline Files When I Log On And Log Off My Computer check box, and then click Next. 4. Optionally, you can enable reminders and create a shortcut to the Offline Files folder on your desktop. Click Finish. The files will be synchronized to your computer. Files with extensions that are associated with certain database applications initially cannot be cached. By default, the following files types cannot be cached: *.slm; *.mdb; *.ldb; *.mdw; *.mde; *.pst; *.db When you make network resources available offline, Windows automatically copies them to the computer s local hard disk drive, along with a reference to the original network path. Windows stores offline files and information about the files in a database in the %systemroot%\CSC folder. (CSC is an acronym for client-side caching, which is another name for offline files.) The database emulates the network resource when it is offline. When a user works offline, she continues to access offline resources as if she were connected to the network, but she is actually using the local copy of the file. When the network share becomes available again, the client will switch from the local offline files to the live files automatically, provided that the following conditions are met:
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3. Which steps might be necessary to recover from the application of a security tem plate to a file server that prevented all users from accessing the server over the network Choose the most efficient way. a. Log on locally to the file server as Administrator and apply the root security template. b. Log on locally to the file server as Administrator and apply the rollback tem plate produced from the bad security template. c. Log on remotely to the file server as Enterprise Admin and use the Local Secu rity Policy console to change the user rights policies that might be incorrect. d. Log on remotely to the file server as Administrator and apply the rollback template produced from the security template.
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Adapter.Fill(CustomersTable, GetRecordset());
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The preceding expression is a statement, not a query or procedure, and you need to specify arguments such as database identity, object identity, index identity, partition number, and node. The following is a typical query that uses the DMV:
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To import data by using the BULK INSERT command, the user must have INSERT permissions on the target table and ADMINISTER BULK OPERATION permission on the server. Additionally, the defaults that are implied by the preceding command are that triggers and constraints will be disabled; therefore, the user also needs ALTER TABLE permission.
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Lesson 1: Installing Domain Controllers
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Length checks Format checks Range checks
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These generic classes are type-safe versions of the Queue and Stack classes discussed in Lesson 2. To use these collections, simply create new instances of them supplying the generic type parameter of the type to hold in the Queue or Stack. To use a generic Queue type, you can create an instance of the Queue class and do either of the following actions:
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1: Lesson Review Answers
The IT staff in Nashville sets structure and policy requirements for the entire network. They are also responsible for directly managing the Houston and Rome branch offices. A separate IT staff in Kingston manages the network there. However, the senior IT staff in Nashville has ultimate responsibility for the entire network.
Outlook Express is a popular messaging client, and many of your customers will expect you to know how to help them customize it to suit their needs, both as an e-mail client and as a newsreader. To answer the questions in this objective, you should know how to customize the Outlook Express toolbar by changing the button size and text display and by adding new buttons. You should know how to customize the display of the Preview pane and other window elements. You should also know how to customize the display of e-mail messages, including the text size and format. Finally, you should be familiar with the program options in the Options dialog box.
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: IPSec tunneling mode does not require user accounts for authentication. B. Incorrect: IPSec tunneling mode does not require user accounts for authentication. C. Correct: A NAT relationship from each VPN network to the other will mean that communication cannot be established. If a route relationship is defined by one network, the other network can use a NAT relationship. Communication also works if both networks have a route relationship configured. D. Incorrect: The issue is not access by VPN clients to a particular network, but access from one network to another using a site-to-site VPN link. You would only add the VPN clients if you wanted them to use the site-to-site VPN link.
To access offline files
Real World Capture Performance Data from a Remote Computer
Having the class inherit from Attribute requires no additional work on your part. However, implementing IOperationBehavior does mean that you must create some methods. Three methods, AddBindingParameters, Validate, and ApplyClientBehavior, don t need any functionality for this exercise. 14. Add the following code to the PhoneNumberValidationAttribute class:
Description Indicates that all options following this one apply to the
Deploying Routing Protocols over VPNs As an alternative to static routes, you can also deploy a routing protocol such as Routing Information Protocol (RIP) in an extranet scenario. To do so, first add the chosen routing protocol to the Routing And Remote Access console at each VPN server. Then add the VPN demand-dial interface to the protocol and configure as needed. For instance, in the case of RIP, you might choose to specify other VPN servers as RIP neighbors, to use peer filtering through password security, or to configure a much longer announcement interval than the default of 30
Neighbors By default, RIP either broadcasts (RIP version 1 or RIP version 2) or mul ticasts (RIP version 2 only) announcements. To prevent RIP traffic from being received by any node except neighboring RIP routers, the server running Routing And Remote Access can unicast RIP announcements. You configure RIP neighbors on the Neighbors tab of the RIP Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 9-33.
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