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SQL Server automatically converts the data types (n)char, (n)varchar, (n)text, varbinary, and image to the XML data type when assigning values to an XML parameter, column, or variable. The benefits of storing XML data by using the XML data type in SQL Server 2005 are as follows:
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18 Configuring and Managing Remote Network Connectivity (6.0)
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The most important property of the MaskedTextBox is the Mask property. This prop erty allows you to define a string that represents the required format of an input string in the MaskedTextBox. The MaskedTextProvider associated with the MaskedTextBox provides the parsing engine that parses the Mask format. The code characters used by the default MaskedTextProvider are shown in Table 2-10.
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You can then, for example, get a list of all events in the application log with EventID 1022 by entering the following command:
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MsgBox("Your name is " & Form2.TextBox1.Text & " " & _ Form2.TextBox2.Text)
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C. Incorrect: This order permits nobody to access the network on the weekends. Managers can access the network at any time on weekdays. D. Incorrect: This order permits access to all users (including managers and admin istrators) only between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. on weekdays. E. Correct: This order permits access to administrators at any time. It permits all users access on weekdays between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Anyone other than an administrator attempting to access on a weekday between 6:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. is denied access. If it is the weekend, managers are permitted access. Everyone other than managers and administrators is denied access on the weekend.
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Lesson Summary
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Lesson 1
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Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
Determine when it is appropriate to shrink database files. Use Transact-SQL statements to shrink databases and database files.
With the substantial number of conditions, exceptions, and actions available, transport rules can be customized to meet any organization s needs. The practices at the end of this lesson provide a detailed description of how to configure transport rules using some of these conditions.
24. The rule is created under Enterprise Policy Rules Applied After Array Firewall Policy by default. Now, you will move HTTP and HTTPS Access Rule under Enterprise Policy Rules Applied Before Array Firewall Policy. Right-click the rule and select Move Up. 25. Create another access rule with the following properties:
You can use the Items.Remove method to remove an item from the list. This method requires a reference to the object that you want to remove from the items collection. Note that if your control contains a collection of objects that are not strings, you will need to pass a reference to the object itself to remove it, not just to the string represen tation that appears in the control. The following example demonstrates the Items.Remove method.
figure 2-11 The Precedence Constraint Editor lets you modify the constraint for advanced features.
3. Select the Navigational Flicks And Editing Flicks option, and then tap Customize. 4. Use the drop-down list to change the right arrow flick, by default assigned to Forward, to Save. 5. Use the drop-down list to change the left arrow flick, by default assigned to Back, to Add. 6. In the Name text box, enter Flip. 7. Tap in the Keys text box, and then, on the attached keyboard, hold down the Alt key, and press the Tab key. If you have a convertible Tablet PC, you can do this step in laptop mode. 8. Click Save. When you have finished this practice, the Customize Flicks dialog box should look as it does in Figure 14-14. Test your combination by using left flick to perform a flip on your Tablet PC computer.
Figure 10-3
Lesson 3
Figure 4-18 identity.
How to Provide Host Evidence for an Assembly
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