create barcode using c# Lesson 2: Designing a Zero-Touch Deployment in .NET

Generating Quick Response Code in .NET Lesson 2: Designing a Zero-Touch Deployment

Agent History Clean Up: Distribution Distribution Clean Up: Distribution Expired Subscription Clean Up Reinitialize Subscriptions Having Data Validation Failures Replication Agents Checkup Replication Monitoring Refresher For Distribution
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Figure 6-9
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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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If you run that code in a console application, the Obj and Gen classes produce exactly the same results. However, the code that uses the Gen class actually works faster because it does not require boxing and unboxing to and from the Object class. Additionally, developers would have a much easier time using the Gen class. First, developers would not have to manually cast from the Object class to the appropriate types.
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Managing and Implementing Disaster Recovery
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case WM_TOUCH: { UINT numInputs = (UINT) wParam; // Number of actual per-contact messages // Allocate the storage for the parameters of the per-contact messages TOUCHINPUT* pTIArray = new TOUCHINPUT[numInputs]; if(NULL == pTIArray) { break; } // Unpack message parameters into the array of TOUCHINPUT structures, each // representing an event for one single contact. if(GetTouchInputInfo((HTOUCHINPUT)lParam, numInputs, pTIArray, sizeof(TOUCHINPUT))) { // For each contact, dispatch the message to the appropriate message // handler. for(UINT i=0; i<numInputs; ++i) { if(TOUCHEVENTF_DOWN == (pTIArray[i].dwFlags & TOUCHEVENTF_DOWN)) { OnTouchDownHandler(hWnd, pTIArray[i]); } else if(TOUCHEVENTF_MOVE == (pTIArray[i].dwFlags & TOUCHEVENTF_MOVE)) { OnTouchMoveHandler(hWnd, pTIArray[i]);
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1. What base class should you derive from when creating custom applications A. The InstallContext class B. The InstallerCollection class C. The ManagedInstallerClass class D. The Installer class 2. You want to create an installation that, in the event of failure, undoes everything it has done so far. Which of the following mechanisms accomplishes that task A. The Rollback method of the Installer class B. The Undo method of the Installer class C. The Clear and Rollback methods of the Installer class D. The Uninstall method of the Installer class. 3. What visual tool does Visual Studio 2005 use to allow developers to edit and manage registry keys A. The Custom Actions view B. The File System view C. The Registry Editor view D. The Registry view
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<system.serviceModel> <client> <endpoint address="net.tcp://localhost:8888/UpdateService" binding="netTcpBinding" contract="IUpdateService" name="UpdateEndpoint" behaviorConfiguration="DefaultBehavior"/> </client> <bindings> <basicHttpBinding> <binding name="BasicTimeout" openTimeout="00:10:00" /> </basicHttpBinding> <netTcpBinding> <binding name="DefaultBinding" openTimeout="00:05:00" /> <binding name="TcpTimeout" openTimeout="00:20:00" />
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An Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Manageability Features
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You can use the USMT tool in Windows AIK to transfer user data from computers running Windows Vista Ultimate to computers running Windows 7 Ultimate.
Domain controller and credentials used for the command
Log off from the remote computer normally, which closes all programs, logs the user off, and then closes the Remote Desktop connection. Disconnect by either closing the Remote Desktop window or selecting Disconnect from the Start menu. Disconnecting leaves the user logged on at the remote computer, and all programs continue processing. The user will be reconnected to the same session the next time the user connects.
After you have docked your laptop, it has access to all of the connected external devices, effectively turning it into a desktop computer. See Also
Intrusion Detection at the Application Layer
question makes no mention of minimum password ages.
If you determine that your indexes have external or internal fragmentation, you should execute either the ALTER INDEX REORGANIZE or ALTER INDEX REBUILD statements periodically to prevent index fragmentation from affecting query performance.
For the exam, remember that NetBT is an example of a session-layer interface.
Server1 C:
After this lesson, you will be able to
delete: member
Key Terms
Restoring a Transaction Log Backup
Taking Notice of Common Signs
SQL Server log
Figure 3-10 shows a failed audit entry in this case, a failed logon attempt. The event properties contain the date and time that the event occurred, the user name that was used, and the computer on which the event occurred. Other types of audit entries will contain different information but at a similar level of detail.
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