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Lesson 2: Preparing the Servers for Exchange Installation
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The Header element is optional but can contain multiple header blocks. SOAP headers typically contain metadata that describes how the client can pro cess the Web method. To assign a SOAP header to a public Web method, you first need to create a cus tom class that inherits from the System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeader namespace. The SoapHeader attribute can be added to a public Web method, and the mem ber name for this attribute will reference the custom class created. The SoapHeader attribute includes a Direction property that can be set with one of the following four values: In, Out, InOut, or Fault. Client applications that consume Web methods with custom SOAP headers need to create an instance of the header in their code and set the value of any properties passed through it. The Web service should have the ability to process unknown headers, in case it receives one it did not expect. This situation is handled by creating an additional unknown header and setting the DidUnderstand property to false for unknown headers.
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Supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer
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Which property do you use
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SELECT DISTINCT Color from Production.Product WHERE Color <> NULL;
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Development Domain
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a. Incorrect: To suppress the Select A Task Sequence To Execute On This Computer page,
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The New Object Computer Wizard over-delegates
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Developing SSIS Packages
A type column is a character column that contains an abbreviation that corresponds to the contents of a column being indexed. For example, a value of .doc indicates a Word document. This value is entered on a row-by-row basis, so multiple different document types can be stored in a single column. This column is used to load the correct filter for the word-breaker routine when the index is built on a varbinary, varbinary(max), or image column.
Figure 15-22 The Wireless Networking tab shows wireless networks to which you have connected.
11 Review
Figure 1-10 Report view.
Second, you could manually define a proxy class as follows:
Each class has unique members that you can use to further control permissions. For example, you can set the OleDbPermissionAttribute.AllowBlankPassword property to control whether your assembly will be allowed to use a blank password. Similarly, the DirectoryServicesPermissionAttribute.Path property can be defined to limit your assembly s access to a specific branch of Active Directory. Because of the large number of classes, this book will not describe the use of each class and property.
Quick Check Answers
FAX Service
that the conversation was successful by making sure the pointer of the desired location report is not null. This code snippet adds code to the REPORT_RUNNING case of the report status switch case shown in the previous code snippet:
In this exercise, you create a remote access policy named Telecommuters. You then browse the settings associated with this policy.
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