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Your biggest customer, Wide World Importers, is now selling items from many new manufacturers around the globe. Their system is set up to forward orders to the cor rect manufacturers if local warehouses are out of stock so items can be drop-shipped to the proper customers. The main problem this poses is that they seem to be forward ing orders for items that are not in stock or have longer than acceptable lead times, and it s causing customers to become extremely upset. Given that each manufacturer exposes its inventory information and projected man ufacture date for new inventory, what modifications can you make to the Wide World Importers sales application to remedy this problem
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Lesson 3
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On the New Job General page, you also specify the job owner, which defines the user or group who manages the job. Only the job owner or a member of the sysadmin role is allowed to modify a job. If the owner of the job is not a member of the sysadmin role, you need to ensure that the job owner has access to any proxy accounts necessary to execute a step within the job. You use SQL Server Agent proxy accounts to control fine-grained permissions to SQL Server Agent. These proxy accounts control access to certain external subsystems within SQL Server such as replication, SSIS, SQL Server Analysis Services, CmdExec, and ActiveX. When a job step requires the use of one of these subsystems, the job owner is validated for access to the proxy. Once validated, SQL Server Agent impersonates the proxy account to allow execution of the job step.
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2. How should you add business logic and data validation if you are using Typed DataSets (Choose all that apply.) A. Write custom code in the generated code. B. Write custom code in partial class. C. Use DataSet schema. D. Use DataSet events. 3. What type of data access method should you choose for quickly prototyping a component (Choose one.) A. DataReaders and Commands B. DataSets C. Typed DataSets
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How to Configure ACLs from the Command Line
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// If this is the first value, just set it. if (this.m_ValueIsNull)
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SecurityManager class CodeAccessPermission class Modify the Code Access Security Policy at the computer, user, and enterprise level by using the Code Access Security Policy tool (Caspol.exe). PermissionSet class and NamedPermissionSet class Standard Security interfaces
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3. What permission will Erin need to take this action
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Lesson 3: Using Assembly Permission Requests
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Lesson 1: Preparing for an Office Installation
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WCF provides two attributes, namely XmlSerializerFormatAttribute and DataContractFormatAttribute, that you can use to declare that WCF uses a specific serializer, namely the XmlSerializer and the DataContractSerializer, respectively. Both of these attributes have a Style property that enables you to control which style of SOAP is to be used, Rpc (remote procedure call) or Document. The XmlSerializerFormatAttribute has another property, called Use, that enables you to control whether the serializer uses the Literal or Encoded approach to constructing SOAP messages. Although these attributes can be applied to your Data contracts, the more typical scenario is to apply them at the service level because your Data contracts could be used in more than one service. The following code sample shows in bold two examples of their usage:
Configuring How Windows Reacts to Unsigned Drivers
472 ChAPTER 12
Lesson 1: Designing a Lite-Touch Deployment
TaskbarButtonCreated string as a parameter) to obtain the message number used by the Shell to notify your window. When using the managed wrapper, the application passes the window handle for its main window to the TaskbarManager.Instance.SetOverlayIcon method. When using the taskbar APIs directly, the window handle is provided as a parameter to the ITaskbarList3::SetOverlayIcon method.
In stored procedures, you should check the flow of the stored procedure s transaction. For example, if you have a stored procedure that inserts an order into the Orders table, followed by some order detail rows being inserted into the OrderDetails table, you should check at least the following in the stored procedure s code:
to a secure token service (STS). After validation, the STS returns a token to the client. This token is provided to the service. After it s received, the service sends the token to the STS to retrieve access to any necessary client identifying information. Custom Within WCF, the authentication process can be replaced by any desired custom mechanism, so it is possible, for example, to use biometrics or a secure card to authenticate the client.
thread local storage A repository in .NET that
EXEC dbo.uspGetManagerEmployees 4
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