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Installing an Edge Transport Server
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Manage auditing and the security log
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P@$$w0rD Single-Factor Authentication
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Using the Gesture-Enabled Picture Control
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2. You are configuring SUS for a group of Web servers. You want the Web servers to update themselves nightly based on a list of approved updates on your SUS server. However, once in a while an administrator is logged on, performing late-night maintenance on a Web server, and you do not want update installation and poten tial restart to interfere with those tasks. What Windows Update policy configura tion should you use in this scenario a. Notify For Download And Notify For Install b. Auto Download And Notify For Install c. Auto Download And Schedule The Install
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Server 2003 SP1 member server default. The NTFS permissions are set so that all users within the domain have Read (Allow), Modify (Allow), and Write (Allow) permissions. What are the minimum modifications that you need to make to the share permissions to meet the clinic s requirements (Choose all that apply.) A. Remove the Everyone group from the share permission list. B. Remove the Everyone group from the NTFS permissions list. C. Grant the Doctors group the Full Control (Allow) share permission. D. Grant the Doctors group the Change (Allow) share permission. E. Grant the Nurses group the Read (Allow) share permission.
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The primary property of the TreeView control is the Nodes property. This property con tains the collection of TreeNodes that comprise the root objects in the TreeView. Each individual TreeNode object contains its own collection of TreeNodes that represent child nodes of that node. Table 3-7 describes some of the important properties of the TreeNode class.
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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
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The first step in identifying resources with insufficient privileges is to enable auditing on a system-wide basis: 1. Log on to your computer using an administrator account. 2. Click Start, and then click Administrative Tools. If this is a domain member or a stand-alone computer, click Local Security Policy. If this is a domain controller, click Domain Controller Security Policy. 3. Expand Local Policies, and then click Audit Policy. 4. If you are troubleshooting access to Active Directory objects, double-click Audit Directory Service Access. If you are troubleshooting access to any other type of object, double-click Audit Object Access. 5. Make note of the current setting. You will return this setting to its original state after you complete the troubleshooting process. 6. Select Define These Policy Settings, and then select Failure, as shown in Figure 1 12. Click OK.
Instantiating the IpcClientChannel Class Using a Configuration File
Set the StartPage property to establish which document page is displayed when the document preview appears. Set additional properties. Add custom methods and events to a PrintPreviewControl.
How to display the result set -o {dn, rdn, samid} Specifies the format in which the list of entries found by the search will be outputted or displayed. A dn value displays the distinguished name of each entry. A rdn value displays the relative distinguished name of each entry. A samid value displays the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) account name of each entry. By default, the dn format is used. Query criteria -name Name Searches for users whose name attributes (value of CN attribute) matches Name. You can use wildcards. For example, jon* or *ith or j*th .
To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have
extended desktop mode
Items Group Can Contain in Windows 2000 Native or Windows Server 2003 Functional Level User accounts and global groups from the local domain User accounts, universal groups, and global groups from any domain; domain local groups from the same domain Items Group Can Contain in Lower Functional Levels Users and computers from the same domain Users and global groups from any domain Designer cannot create uni versal groups in lower functional levels
Within the Type class, there are methods for getting different parts of a Type, including methods, properties, fields, and events. Each of these parts of a Type is represented by a class within the reflection system that ends with the name Info. Therefore, the class that represents a field is called FieldInfo, the class that represents an event is called EventInfo, and so on. All these info classes derive from a common abstract class called MemberInfo. In fact, the Type class also derives from the MemberInfo class. The MemberInfo class contains common functionality. Most of the interesting data about each of the members of a type is contained in the derived classes. As you saw earlier in the explanation of the Type class, a number of methods on the Type class allow you to get each of the parts of the type. These match the info classes as well. For example, the GetEvent and GetEvents methods return an EventInfo object (or objects), and the GetField and GetFields methods return a FieldInfo object (or objects). So iterating through each of these parts of the Type is very straightforward. For example, to enumerate all the properties of a class, you could write code like so:
If you select the Apply Compression check box, the server will compress the data in the backup file, but be aware that this will increase backup time. Multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP) data is already stored in compressed format, so you will not gain much storage space if you select this option. Consider encrypting the backup file if the SSAS database contains sensitive information. To do so, leave the default Encrypt Backup File check box selected, and then specify a password. Although the server does not enforce any password policies, you should still follow security best practices and use passwords that are difficult to guess. Save the password in a safe place you will need it to restore the database. Last, if your cube has remote partitions that is, if some partitions are managed by another server and you want to back them up, select the Backup Remote Partitions check box. SSMS will list the remote partitions in the Remote Partition Backup Locations grid.
This book has two parts. Use Part I to learn at your own pace and practice what you have learned with practical exercises. Part II contains questions and answers you can use to test yourself on what you have learned.
Windows Server 2003 provides command-line alternatives for disk management, including the following:
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