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kerberos List (klist.exe) A command-line program that provides roughly the same functions as Kerbtray.exe. The command klist tickets lists the tickets cached by the system, as shown in Figure 12-18, and klist tgt displays information about the Kerberos ticket-granting ticket. To purge all tickets from the system, use klist purge.
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Lesson 1: Installing Exchange Server 2007
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The Execute Package Utility.
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1. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: The wizard has the same GUI no matter where you start it from. B. Incorrect: There are no additional options added to the wizard by starting it from within BIDS; in fact, the Run Immediately option is removed. C. Incorrect: You can start the wizard from the command prompt by executing DTSWizard.exe from the proper folder. D. Correct: When you start the wizard from within BIDS, the package created by the wizard is saved as part of the currently open SSIS project, and no Run Immediately option is available from within the wizard.
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case scenario: managing the report environment for adventure Works
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A firewall acts as a security system that creates a border between a computer and the Internet, or between a local network and the Internet. The firewall blocks all incoming traffic from the Internet, except those types of traffic that you explicitly allow. Firewalls help keep malicious attacks from infiltrating the computer and network. Windows XP has a built-in software-based firewall named ICF. After installing Service Pack 2, ICF is updated to Windows Firewall. Windows Firewall offers many more capa bilities than ICF and requires very different troubleshooting and configuration. Any computer connected directly to the Internet, whether it is a standalone computer or a computer that provides ICS services for other computers on a network, should have a firewall enabled. As a DST, you should understand how to enable ICF or Windows Firewall for a network or dial-up connection. You should understand what kinds of traffic you can configure the firewall to allow and how to do so. You should know how to enable security logging for the firewall, how to locate the log file, and what kinds of informa tion the log file contains. You should also know the purpose of the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and how to configure the firewall to allow particular ICMP messages to pass through the firewall.
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The Compress folder is compressed and all files and folders stored within it are also compressed. The Encrypt folder is encrypted and all files and folders within it are also encrypted. The Indiperf folder hosts user data. Each directory under the Indiperf directory has permissions individually tailored to each user. You take the following steps: install a single 100-GB hard disk drive, create three 30-GB volumes on this drive, and, in the Datastore directory, you create the following folders: C:\Datastore\Comptemp C:\Datastore\Encrtemp C:\Datastore\Inditemp You then mount the first 30-GB volume to the Comptemp directory, the second 30-GB volume to the Encrtemp directory, and the third 30-GB volume to the Inditemp directory. You move the contents of the Compress directory to the Comptemp directory. You copy the contents of the Encrypt directory to the Encrtemp directory. You move the contents of the Datastore directory to the Inditemp directory. You then delete the Compress, Encrypt, and Indiperf folders. Finally, you rename the Comptemp directory Compress, the Encrtemp directory Encrypt, and the Inditemp directory Indiperf. Which of the following statements is true (Select all that apply.) A. The contents of the Compress directory will be compressed. B. The contents of the Compress directory will be uncompressed. C. The contents of the Encrypt directory will be encrypted. D. The contents of the Encrypt directory will be unencrypted. E. The contents of the Indiperf directory will retain their individually tailored NTFS permissions. F. The contents of the Indiperf directory will not retain their individually tailored NTFS permissions.
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Public Delegate Function FirstNameDelegate() As String
Getting Started
Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
When a Windows Server 2003 system crashes in a way that it cannot be fixed simply by performing a restart, other options must be explored. An option new to Windows Server 2003, Automated System Recovery, uses a combination of a Windows settings diskette, a special ASR backup set and the Windows Server 2003 installation media to restore a system. Automated System Recovery should be used as a measure of last resort as the operating system files will be reinstalled. It is also important to note that Automated System Recovery does not back up data stored on the server, only impor tant Windows Server 2003 files. When recovering a domain controller, systems administrators must decide about the type of active directory restoration, if any, they will perform. An authoritative restore allows the Microsoft Active Directory directory service database stored on the backup set to take precedence over the Active Directory database replicated in the domain. A non-authoritative restore allows the current Active Directory database to overwrite the database from the backup set. In some cases, the restoration of the System State data will allow a server to return to operational status. The System State data includes the system s registry, COM+ class registration database. The boot files and system files protected by the Windows File Protection service. Depending on the services installed on the Windows Server 2003 system, System State data can also include the Certificate Services database, Active Directory and the Sysvol folder on a domain controller, cluster service information on a cluster server and the Internet Information Services (IIS) metabase. If one of these areas of the operating system has been corrupted, restoring the System State data may return the server to functionality.
Lesson 1: Adding and Configuring Windows Forms
Table 4-1
' VB Dim binding As New BasicHttpBinding("NameOfBinding") // C# BasicHttpBinding binding = new BasicHttpBinding("NameOfBinding");
Command Function These commands are used to download messages from an SMTP server that has queued messages sent to a domain name. TURN does not require any security, ATRN requires authentication, and ETRN can confirm the requesting server s identity based on IP address. Provides a mechanism by which the SMTP server can indicate the maximum-size message supported. Provides the ability to send a stream of commands without waiting for a response after each command. An ESMTP command that replaces the DATA command. This command sends a BDAT command with an argument that contains the total number of bytes in a message. The receiving server counts the bytes in the message and, when the message size equals the value sent by the BDAT command, the server assumes it has received all of the message data. Sent by a client to initiate the transfer of message content An ESMTP command that enables delivery status notifications Nullifies the entire message transaction and resets the buffer Verifies that a mailbox is available for message delivery on the destination server Returns a list of commands that are supported by the SMTP service Terminates the session
A mirrored volume with a failed disk
Real World
Allow none No out-of-office messages will be delivered to the remote domain. Allow external out-of-office messages only Only out-of-office messages configured as external by an Outlook 2007 client or Outlook Web Access (OWA), where the client mailbox is located on an Exchange 2007 mailbox server are delivered to the remote domain. Allow external out-of-office messages, and out-of-office messages set by Outlook 2003 or earlier clients or sent by Exchange Server 2003 or earlier servers This setting allows messages configured as external by Outlook 2007 and OWA clients, where the client mailbox is located on an Exchange 2007 mailbox server to be delivered to the remote domain. Where this setting differs from the previous setting is that out-of-office messages from Outlook 2003 or earlier clients, even if stored on Exchange 2003, will also be delivered to the remote domain.
Instrumenting Your Application
e xercise 1
Synchronizing SUS
Execute Only Signed Packages Verify Package Build Build Verify Package ID Package ID Verify Version ID Version ID
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