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You need to be a domain administrator or a local administrator on the Exchange Server 2003 server or be added to at least the Exchange Server Administrator role to create configure or remove public folder databases. You can view public folder database settings if
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A user-authored control that supplies its own code for rendering the user interface.
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Lesson 1: Navigating the File System
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Lesson Review
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Lesson 5: Troubleshooting Common Printing Problems
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Craig Zacker
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Questions and Answers 18-53
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As discussed in 9, Group Policy application deployment is package-based. To deploy an application in this manner, the application must be in the form of a Windows Installer package file with an .msi extension. Some application developers and particularly Microsoft supply their products as package files or provide package files on the application installation disks. For applications that do not include package files, your only recourse if you want to deploy them using Group Policy is to create the packages yourself. This requires an external utility because Microsoft does not include any package creation tools with Windows or with its applications. A variety of third-party tools are available, with varying capabilities, some of which are free and some commercial. A few of these package creation tools are listed in Table 10-1.
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Table 2-1
computer, but is not applicable to a domain controller. Domain controller passwords cannot be reset using the Dsmod command.
Installed Windows Exchange Server 2007 with the Mailbox, Client Access, Hub Transport, and Unified Messaging roles on a Windows domain controller in the Tailspintoys.internal domain. To do this, you need to have completed all the practices in Lessons 1 and 2 of 1, Preparing for Exchange Installation, and Lesson 1 of 2, Installing Exchange Server and Configuring Roles. Created mailbox-enabled users Don Hall and Keith Harris as described in 3, Configuring Recipients, Groups, and Mailboxes. If you have not created these users but have created other mailbox-enabled users, you can use their accounts instead. However, if you use other accounts, you need to change the search criteria in the practice sessions as appropriate. Preferably configured a client machine running either Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Microsoft Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express or Outlook Web Access (OWA) on your network. Failing this, you should have two users that can log on locally to your domain controller. (The practice sessions specify Don Hall and Keith Harris, but again, if you prefer, you can use other user accounts you have created.) Installed .NET Framework 1.1 and Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant on your Exchange Server 2007 server as described in the practice session of Lesson 2 in 9, Monitoring.
Locks are placed on all data that is used in a query, preventing other users from updating the data. This prevents nonrepeatable reads but phantom rows are still possible.
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This was the second chapter explaining the Sensor and Location Platform. After reading both chapters, you should now have a solid understanding of the platform s capabilities and the new and exciting scenarios you can introduce into your application to create a better user experience for your end users.
2. By default, what two types of traffic does Windows Firewall allow into a computer
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