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Microsoft Certified Product (MCP) candidates are required to pass one current Microsoft certification exam. Candidates can pass additional Microsoft certification exams to further qualify their skills with other Microsoft products, development tools, or desktop applications. Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSDs) are required to pass three core exams and one elective exam. (MCSD for Microsoft .NET candidates are required to pass four core exams and one elective.) Microsoft Certified Application Developers (MCADs) are required to pass two core exams and one elective exam in an area of specialization. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSEs) are required to pass five core exams and two elective exams. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators (MCSAs) are required to pass three core exams and one elective exam that provide a valid and reliable measure of techni cal proficiency and expertise. Microsoft Certified Database Administrators (MCDBAs) are required to pass three core exams and one elective exam that provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise. Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are required to meet instructional and techni cal requirements specific to each Microsoft Official Curriculum course they are certified to deliver. The MCT program requires on-going training to meet the requirements for the annual renewal of certification. For more information about becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer, visit http://www.microsoft.com/learning /mcp/mct/ or contact a regional service center near you.
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Figure 1 6: Three of the registry's root keys are links to subkeys in HKU and HKLM. Throughout this book, you'll see the terms per user and per computer, which indicate whether a setting applies to the user or the computer. Per user settings are user specific for example, whether or not a user prefers to display Windows Explorer's status bar. Per computer settings apply to the computer and every user who logs on to the computer for example, network configuration. Per user settings are in HKCU, and per computer settings are in HKLM. In 26
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Clients Block Inheritance
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If the share has been in existence for some time and users are already using it, you may want to share the folder again with the new name and also leave the old name in place. When you are sure that no one is connecting to the old share name any more, you can remove it.
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Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-23
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does not let you combine objects used for different platforms. you need to build two separate projects in BIDS: one for the SSIS packages and another for the SSAS cubes and dimensions.
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Quick Check Answer
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Click the Favorites menu, and then click the name of the Web page.
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In this exercise, you initiate a dialog conversation and send and receive messages on the dialog conversation.
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Lesson 3: Configuring Windows Meeting Space
In this case, the source file is a compressed file and the destination file is going to be written as a decompressed file. When you create the compression stream, you change it in two ways: you wrap the source file because that is where the compressed data exists, and you specify the CompressionMode.Decompress to specify that you are decompressing the wrapped stream:
Table 2-4
Use Sync Center to synchronize with your digital camera so all new pictures are downloaded to the computer when you connect the camera. Practice 2: Use WMDC to Synchronize with Your PDA Use WMDC to form a Windows Mobile partnership with your PDA. Install programs on your computer on to your PDA. Back up and restore your PDA files. Practice 3: Run the SideShow Simulation If you have not already done so, run the SideShow simulation. If you have access to a SideShow device, apply what you have learned in the simulation to the device. Note the differences between a simulation and working with a real device.
A second common reason why SecureNAT clients cannot connect to the Internet is due to network routing configuration. SecureNAT clients must be able to connect to the internal network interface on the ISA Server computer. If you have a single subnet on your network, check the client default gateway configuration. If you have multiple subnets, then check the routing configuration.
A user reports to you that his computer running Windows XP Professional displays a series of errors on startup, stating that certain drivers are not loading. How could you have the user start the computer and easily send you a record of the startup process so that you can identify the problem drivers
Request Headers, Specify the maximum Maximum headers number of bytes that a length (bytes) request can have in its headers (URL and headers) before it is blocked. Request Payload, To block requests Allow any payload exceeding a specified length maximum payload length, clear the Allow Any Payload Length (Bytes) check box. Then, in Maximum Payload Length (Bytes), specify the maximum number of bytes.
' VB ' Populate the CellValueTextBox with the selected cell
The Trend property indicates how the KPI value is doing over time. As with the Status property, Trend should return a value between 1 and 1. For example, the following expression returns the growth ratio in Reseller Sales Amount compared to the previous period:
You can view the options currently configured for Nslookup by running the Set All command, as shown in Figure 6-2.
Why This Matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-1
Securing and Maintaining ISA Server 2004
Exercise 4: Optimize a Class for Deserialization
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