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8. To add a group, click Add. To remove a group, select the group and click Remove. If applicable, in the Select Users Or Groups dialog box, add or remove any group. Separate multiple groups with semicolons. (You will learn more about groups later in this chapter.) Click OK. 9. In the Group Or User Names list, select a group for which you want to configure permissions. In the Permissions For <group name> area, make changes to the permissions as desired. Figure 9-5 shows this dialog box. Click OK, and click OK again to close the Properties dialog box.
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The StockLookupService project
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1. Which of the following options can prevent a table from being dropped A. CHECK OPTION B. SCHEMABINDING C. UNION D. QUOTED_IDENTIFIER 2. Which of the following options restricts changes to data to conform to the select criteria of a view A. SCHEMABINDING B. CHECK OPTION C. ANSI_NULLS D. QUOTED_IDENTIFIER 3. Which of the following settings are required to create an indexed view (Choose all that apply.) A. QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON B. Three part names C. SCHEMABINDING D. ANSI_NULLS OFF
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Creating Containers for Other Controls
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Objective 5.1
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Answer end-user questions related to managing and troubleshooting access to files and folders Monitor, manage, and troubleshoot NTFS file permissions Manage and troubleshoot Simple File Sharing Manage and troubleshoot file encryption
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has really improved the efficiency of our sales organization. Now that we have this data stored in a database, I d like the ability to access it to provide more insight into how different sales teams are performing over time. I want to be able to see either a line graph or a bar chart showing sales performance for each quarter of the year, with each team s performance in a different color. I also need to be able to save the graph so I can add it to a presentation I have to give before the board of directors.
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Installing a Windows Desktop Operating System (1.0)
Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: This log does not exist. The log that you can use to confirm successful installation is %Windir%\Temp\Isawrap_###.log B. Correct: The %Windir%\Temp\Isawrap_###.log will have an entry detailing whether or not the installation was successful. C. Incorrect: The Isamsde_###.log file contains information about the installation of the MSDE component.
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Configuring Proofing Tools
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