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RAM and processor problems are often the most difficult faults to diagnose, as these faults often tend to be intermittent rather than continuing on a regular basis. When a fault occurs with a computer s RAM or processor, Windows usually displays a STOP error. A STOP error appears as white text on a blue background. STOP errors occur only when a problem cannot be handled using Windows Server 2003 error-handling mechanisms. STOP errors provide some guidance with their output, usually suggesting that a recently installed driver or hardware device might be causing a problem. If a STOP error occurs, you should take down the error number, the error parameters and, if provided, the driver information. If there is no driver information and if you have not recently upgraded any drivers or installed any new hardware device, the possibility exists that something has gone wrong with the RAM or processor. To resolve STOP errors, you should try the following:
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Figure 3-33: specifying the user state When you have completed the configuration, click Finish to create the deployment point. Note CONFIGURING A DEPLOYMENT DATABASE You can use the New DB Wizard in Deployment Workbench to configure a deployment database. To do this, you need a server running SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 on your network. This functionality is used when MDT 2010 works with SCCM 2007. Configuring Windows PE Options After creating your deployment point, you need to configure its Windows PE configuration options. Assuming you have configured a LAB deployment point, you do this in Deployment Workbench as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. In the Deployment Workbench console tree, expand Deploy and select Deployment Point. In the details pane, click LAB. In the actions pane, click Properties. In the LAB Properties dialog box, on the Windows PE tab, in the Driver group, select the device driver group you created earlier in the deployment process (for example, Windows 7) and then click OK. In the details pane, right-click LAB and choose Update.
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Before You Begin
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. You are designing a WINS replication strategy for two subnets. What questions should be asked when making a determination of whether or not a WINS server should be a push or a pull partner
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The Client Access role provides a gateway between clients and their mailboxes. A client computer running Outlook or Exchange ActiveSync or connected using a Web browser to Outlook Web Access (OWA) connects to the Client Access server, which in turn connects to the appropriate Mailbox server. The Client Access server role is designed to optimize the performance of the Mailbox server by offloading the processing requirements. For example, rather than having the server hosting mailboxes be responsible for performing the necessary calculations to encrypt SSL traffic, this task is handled by the Client Access server. Of course, in many situations, the Client Access role will be hosted on the same computer as the Mailbox server role. The ability to separate these tasks onto a different computer allows administrators to optimize their Exchange organization. If a single external URL of OWA or Exchange ActiveSync is required, Client Access servers must be configured for proxying. The Client Access server should be connected to the Mailbox servers it provides access to with a bandwidth of at least 100 Mbps. In enterprise environments, a gigabit connection is preferable. This means that you should have a Client Access server located in each site where there is a Mailbox server.
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Finally, you add the XSINIL directive to the ELEMENTS directive to tell SQL Server to handle NULLs by keeping the XML element for the missing value and setting its NIL attribute to True. In this case, you can see that Color is actually NULL (or NIL) and not just missing :
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The simplest way to implement an asynchronous method call is to call BeginInvoke, do some work, and then call EndInvoke on the same thread that BeginInvoke was called on. While this approach is simplest, a potential disadvantage is that the EndInvoke call will block execution of the thread until the asynchronous operation is completed if it has not completed yet. Thus your main thread might still be nonresponsive if the asynchronous operation is particularly time-consuming. The DelegateCallback and AsyncState parameters are not required for this operation and so Nothing (null in C#) can be supplied for these parameters. The following example demonstrates how to implement an asynchronous call in this way, using the TestMethod and myDelegate that were defined in the examples above:
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Configuring ISA Server proxy requests to a Web server
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Visual Studio 2005 generates a proxy class when you add a Web reference. This proxy class mimics the Web service s methods verbatim, and the client application actually invokes methods from the proxy. The Web service can change after the proxy class is created, in which case there is a mismatch between the service and the proxy. Visual Studio 2005 provides a mechanism to regenerate the proxy to ensure that the current proxy is up to date.
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4. Ensure that Group Claim is selected. 5. Click OK to create the claim. It should now be listed in the details pane. Now add the account store for woodgrovebank.com. 1. Move to the Account Stores node in the tree pane under My Organization. 2. Right-click Account Stores, select New, and choose Account Store. 3. Review the information on the Welcome page and click Next. 4. On the Account Store Type page, ensure that Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is selected and click Next. 5. On the Enable This Account Store page, ensure that the Enable This Account Store check box is selected and click Next. Click Finish to complete the operation. Note that this adds Active Directory as a valid account store under the Account Stores node. Now add a claims-aware application to the AD FS resources. 1. Move to the Applications node under My Organization. 2. Right-click Applications, choose New, and then select Application. 3. Review the information on the Welcome page and click Next. 4. On the Application Type page, ensure that Claims-Aware Application is selected and click Next. 5. On the Application Details page, type Claim Application 01 in the Application Display Name field and type the application URL as https://SERVER08.WoodgroveBank.com/ claimapplication01. Click Next. 6. On the Accept Identity Claims page, select User Principal Name and click Next. Note that you can add several identity claim types, but remember that they are processed in order, as outlined earlier. 7. Ensure that Enable This Application is selected and click Next. Click Finish to create the application. 8. Select the newly created application in the tree pane. 9. Move to the details pane and right-click Woodgrove Bank Application Claim and select Enable. 10. Verify that the new claim you created is enabled in the details pane. Your resource federation server is now ready to process claims. Exam Tip
A. 92 B. 70 C. 56 D. 53 E. 20
C. Incorrect: The MSExchange OWA Performance object provides counters related to OWA users. It does not provide the Messages Sent/sec, Messages Received/sec, and Receive Queue Size counters. D. Incorrect: The MSExchange Web Mail Performance object provides counters related to Web mail facilities, such as appointments, forms, and attachments. It does not provide the Messages Sent/sec, Messages Received/ sec, and Receive Queue Size counters. 4. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: This command exports data to the file in UTF7-encoded format. You require Unicode. B. Incorrect: This command will include type information in the exported data. You need to specify the Notype parameter. C. Correct: This command specifies Unicode encoding and does not export type information. D. Incorrect: This command exports type information and specifies UTF7 encoding. 5. Correct Answers: A, D, and F A. Correct: You can use the Exchange Database Recovery Management tool to analyze log drive space. B. Incorrect: You use EXBPA, not the Exchange Database Recovery Management tool, to determine whether Exchange Server 2007 server configuration is set according to Microsoft best practices. C. Incorrect: You use EXBPA, not the Exchange Database Recovery Management tool, to report on the general health of a system. D. Correct: You can use the Exchange Database Recovery Management tool to show database-related event logs. E. Incorrect: You use EXBPA, not the Exchange Database Recovery Management tool, to generate a list of issues, such as unsupported or not-recommended options. F. Correct: You can use the Exchange Database Recovery Management tool to verify database and transaction log files.
New-AddressList Name "Victoria Mailbox Users" Container "\" IncludedRecipients "MailboxUsers" ConditionalStateOrProvince "Victoria"
After you define the cache drives, ISA Server will begin caching Web content based on the default caching configuration. This default configuration can be modified to meet your organization s requirements. You can modify how ISA Server caches specific types of HTTP objects. By limiting certain types of content, you can improve the efficiency of
Table 4-1
In order for all users to gain access to Internet resources using ISA Server, you must configure the client computers to use the ISA Server computer as a proxy server. To ensure that users can access only approved Web sites, configure ISA Server to block access to all sites except for the approved sites. You can use either domain names or URLs to define approved Web sites.
Designing an Administrative Security Structure
The cables that are used with serial ports vary. When connecting a printer to a serial
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: The clients are in the correct OU and the correct template is applied to the appropriate OU. However, security templates can be applied only to client PCs that use the NTFS disk filing system. Using Convert c: fs:ntfs on the unsecured (FAT-formatted) clients should solve the problem. B. Incorrect: The template is already applied to the GPO that controls the Payroll OU settings. Importing the template on individual clients in the OU has no effect. C. Incorrect: This solution treats the symptom, not the cause. The clients will no longer be able to access the insecure server, but the secure settings will not be applied to them. D. Incorrect: Group Policy is automatically refreshed periodically, so the Gpupdate command is unlikely to solve the problem. You should run Gpupdate if template settings have been applied by a method other than Group Policy, or if you want to ensure that changes made through Group Policy apply immediately.
dn: CN=Finance,CN=Users,DC=Contoso,DC=Com changetype: modify add: member member: CN=Dan Holme,OU=employees,dc=contoso,dc=com member: CN=Scott Bishop,OU=employees,dc=contoso,dc=com -
The structure that SQL Server uses to build and maintain indexes is called a Balanced tree, or B-tree. The illustration in Figure 4-1 shows an example of a B-tree.
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