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// Create a WindowsPrincipal object representing the current user WindowsPrincipal currentPrincipal = new WindowsPrincipal(currentIdentity); // Set the security policy context to Windows security System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetPrincipalPolicy( PrincipalPolicy.WindowsPrincipal); // Hide the subtract and multiply buttons if the user // is not an Administrator if (!currentPrincipal.IsInRole(WindowsBuiltInRole.Administrator)) { subtractButton.Visible = false; multiplyButton.Visible = false; } // Hide the Add button if the user is not in the Users group if (!currentPrincipal.IsInRole(WindowsBuiltInRole.User)) addButton.Visible = false; // Hide the Divide button if the user is not named CPhilp if (!(currentIdentity.Name.ToLower() == System.Environment.MachineName.ToLower() + @"\cphilp")) divideButton.Visible = false; }
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Figure 4 2: The NameSpace subkeys of Explorer\ControlPanel, Explorer\Desktop, and Explorer\MyComputer determine the contents of each corresponding folder. You add icons to Control Panel, the desktop, and so on by editing the subkeys indicated in Table 4 3. Create a new subkey in NameSpace and name it the class ID of the object you want to add. For example, to add an icon to the desktop that opens the Run dialog box (see Table 4 2), add a new subkey called {2559A1F3 21D7 11D4 BDAF 00C04F60B9F0} to Desktop\Namespace. Then refresh the desktop by clicking it and pressing F5. As shown in Figure 4 3 on the next page, you can add folders to My Computer, too. In this case, I added the Administrative Tools and Network Connections folders to My Computer. Only folder objects are good candidates for My Computer, so pick class IDs from the first two sections of Table 4 1. Add class IDs from the last two sections of the table, and you'll see only those objects in the right pane of Windows Explorer. Objects based on classes in the second and third sections of Table 4 1 are good choices for Control Panel.
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Save the script and close the query window.
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Figure 15-3 The Security properties page
In this lab, you add security to an application so that features are limited based on the user s name and group membership. If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, the completed projects are available on the companion CD in the Code folder.
Figure 4-1 The New Project dialog box can be used to create a new class library project using one of the Visual Studio installed templates
Exercise 2: Enable Audit Policy
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4. no, the Report Wizard lets you create only tabular and matrix reports. you must
Add rows to a table. Remove rows from a table.
Figure 5-23
Instead of adding custom code to a report directly, you can create a custom assembly and reference it from multiple reports. Thus, custom assemblies provide even more reusability than embedded code. In addition, when you write custom assemblies, you are not limited to Visual Basic; you can use other .NET languages, such as Visual C#. Before you can start using code from a custom assembly in your report, you have to deploy the assembly. To deploy a custom assembly, copy the assembly file to the application folders of your SSRS server and the Report Designer. You can also install your custom assembly in the global assembly cache (GAC). Custom assemblies are granted Execution permission by default; this allows code execution in the scope of the report itself. If your code needs resources outside that scope for example, if the code reads a file from the file system or a value from the registry you must grant the assembly additional privileges. To grant these additional permissions, you need to edit the rssrvpolicy.config configuration file for the report server and the rspreviewpolicy.config configuration file for the Report Designer.
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