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Troubleshooting DirectAccess You can determine if a client has made a successful DirectAccess connection by clicking on the Network Connection icon. When the status message displays "Internet and Corporate Access," as shown in Figure 10-3, the computer running Windows 7 has connected successfully to DirectAccess. If the status message shows "Local and Internet Access," there is no connection to the DirectAccess server.
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' VB myWriter.WriteElementString("Name", "Libby") // C# myWriter.WriteElementString("Name", "Libby");
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An NS resource record and an A resource record are created in the delegated subdomain on the parent zone. The NS resource record directs queries to the DNS server, specified by name, that is authoritative for the delegated zone. The A resource record, called a glue record, allows the computer name specified in the NS resource record to be mapped to an IP address.
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If a backup does not fit on one CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD rewritable disk, you need to be present during the backup to feed additional disks into the drive. This rather negates the advantage of automatic backups scheduled at midnight. The amount of space that a backup requires depends on the size of the files that are backed up. Windows Vista keeps track of the files that have been added or modified since the last backup, so the automatic backup process backs up only these files that have been changed. This saves time and disk space. If you use a hard disk (removable or fixed), it should be formatted by using the new technology file system (NTFS). You can back up to a hard disk that is formatted by using the file allocation table (FAT) filing system that is, FAT16 or FAT32 but Microsoft recommends NTFS.
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Account properties: the Account tab These properties include those that are configured when you create a user object, including logon names, password, and account flags. Personal information: the General, Address, Telephones, and Organization tabs The General tab exposes the name properties that are configured when you create a user object. User configuration management: the Profile tab Here you can configure the user s profile path, logon script, and home folder locations.
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Script files can have two file extensions, and the script's file extension indicates which language the file contains. Use the .js extension for files that contain JScript. Use the .vbs extension for files that contain VBScript. Regardless, script files are nothing more than text files that contain the language's keywords, so you can use your favorite text editor, Notepad, to create them. When you save a script file, make sure you enclose the file's name in quotation marks or choose All Files from the Save As Type list so Notepad doesn't add the .txt extension to the file. Without going into detail about the object model, you access the registry through the Shell object. This object contains the methods you call to add, remove, and update values in the registry. You'll add one of the following statements to every script in which you want to access the registry. The first line shows you how to create the Shell object using VBScript, and the second shows you how to do it using JScript. Just to show you how easy it is to create a script, open Notepad, and type Listing 9 7. The JScript language is case sensitive, so type Listing 9 7 carefully. VBScript has the benefit of not being case sensitive. Save the file using the .js extension, and then double click the file to run it. You'll see a message from me. Because double clicking the script file runs it, you must right click the file and then click Edit to edit the file. Listing 9 7: Example.js
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. . . . 17-18
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Adjust display settings. Troubleshoot video driver problems. Troubleshoot registration problems that occur on the server. Adjust audio settings. Troubleshoot joystick problems. Configure the game to play on a home network. Troubleshoot networking issues preventing a customer s computer from connect ing to the server. Register the product online. Deal with server crashes resulting from too many requests for service.
1 Client initiates the connection
There is an exhaustive reference to the default groups in a domain and to the default local groups on Microsoft TechNet. If you are not familiar with the default groups and their capabilities, you should prepare for the examination by reading them. The default domain groups reference is at http://, and the default local groups reference is at f6e01e51-14ea-48f4-97fc-5288a9a4a9b11033.mspx.
For SQL Server 2008 implementations that include Reporting Services, during the installation, you can either choose the default SSRS configuration or choose to configure the SSRS service later, but you cannot customize the SSRS installation settings. In other words, you can choose to have Reporting Services configured with the default configurations, or you can have Setup install Reporting Services but leave it unconfigured and then configure it after installation. 13, Configuring and Administering the SSRS Server, reviews the custom configuration for Reporting Services. Figure I-7 shows the Reporting Services Configuration page of the SQL Server 2008 Setup Wizard. If SharePoint Services is installed, Reporting Services can also be installed in SharePoint integrated mode so that you can administer the report server and users can access reports through SharePoint.
In this practice, you will review the log shipping mode of the LSTesting2 database. 1. In SSMS, select the LSTesting database. 2. Right-click the LSTesting database and choose Properties. 3. Select the Transaction Log Shipping page. 4. In the Secondary Databases section of the log shipping configuration, click the browse button ( ) next to the LSTesting2 database. 5. Click the Restore Transaction Log tab. 6. Verify that the No Recovery Mode option is selected. 7. Click Cancel to close the Secondary Database Settings dialog box, and then click Cancel to close the Database Properties window. 8. Select the LSTesting2 database in Object Explorer. 9. Verify that the database LSTesting2 status is (Restoring ). 10. Click New Query on the toolbar. 11. In the New Query window, type the following query:
Description This includes user password resets, user creation and deactivation, user group creation, and membership management. Should be delegated to the help desk. All computers in a Windows network environment must have a computer account. This is how they interact with the directory and how the directory interacts with them. Should be delegated to technicians. This includes publication of network file shares, printers, distributed file shares (DFS), application directory partitions, and so on. Should be delegated to the administrator of each service type. GPOs provide the most powerful model for object management in Windows Server 2008. Should be delegated to appropriate technicians, but a central GPO steward should control GPO proliferation. DNS is now tied closely to the directory, and the operation is based on a properly functioning dynamic DNS service. Because DNS is integrated with the directory, DNS administration is the responsibility of the domain administrator. Replication is at the very core of the directory service operation. It covers the configuration of subnets, sites, site links, site link bridges, and bridgehead servers. You should rely heavily on the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) a service that automatically generates replication topologies based on the rules and guidelines you give it to control replication. This is the responsibility of the domain administrator.
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Exercise 2: Enabling Internet Access on DC1
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