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Log Shipping Initialization
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Test-OutlookWebServices Identity: username@domain.name
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Page 4-20
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This task allows the user to view, create, delete, and modify user-owned subscriptions, as well as create schedules to support those subscriptions.
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The rights to a queue can be any combination of the following:
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bNode = aNode.CloneNode();
can order the products that are commonly in a basket close together to help your customers remember to buy all, rather than just one, of them in a single purchase.
One-way operation
The service pack level at the time of writing this book is Service Pack 1 (SP1). Unless otherwise indicated, all the information in the chapter applies to both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 SP1.
Managing and Troubleshooting Access to Resources (2.0)
For this task, perform the following steps:
INSERT Test.TableWithCheckConstraint (Name) SELECT 'Short' FROM Test.Rows100000;
A HOSTS file is a manually maintained local file that provides host-to-IP address resolution. You use a HOSTS file for networks without access to a DNS name server to provide host-to-IP address and NetBIOS-to-IP name resolution for applications and services.
Console.WriteLine("Send message to queue.")
Lesson 2: Protecting Files Using Isolated Storage
Figure 5-11
An important consideration for any organization deploying mobile devices is the cost of transmitting data. Although the Direct Push feature, covered in 7, does require a near constant connection, it does not have a large cost in terms of the amount of data actually transferred across the cellular phone provider s network. Although the ActiveSync process uses significantly more data than Direct Push, it is e-mail attachments that are the worst offenders when it comes to using up monthly data allowances. Unlike broadband providers, most mobile phone carriers have very spartan free data allowances. For this reason, administrators may wish to stop attachments being downloaded to mobile devices during the ActiveSync process or limit the attachments that can be downloaded to a specific size. To disable the downloading of attachments using Exchange Management Shell, issue the following command:
For further information on the use of Diskpart, refer to the section entitled How to Manage Disks from the Command Line by Using Diskpart later in this chapter.
SQL Server: Replication Logreader
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