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Administrators wanted a more centralized solution that would assure more direct con trol over updates that are installed on their clients. Software Update Services is a response to that need. SUS includes several major components:
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More About Optical Drives
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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WINS Server Functions
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the stages of the Deliver phase in the MOF 4.0 life cycle model.
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Rob has set up a set of individual quotas for 250 users on a partition of a Windows Server 2003 file server. Thirty of the users have a 10-MB quota, 45 have a 15-MB quota, 100 have a 30-MB quota, 25 have a 60-MB quota, and 50 have a 100-MB quota. There are four other Windows Server 2003 systems that require exactly the same quota scheme. Which of the following methods can Rob use to implement this quota scheme on the four other servers A. Quotas are applied by Group Policy. Rob needs to add the four other servers to the same OU.
Windows Server 2003 and the Remote Desktop Connection client support device redirection including audio devices, printers, and disks. To load-balance terminal servers, you must configure a load-balancing technology such as NLB or DNS round-robin, enable the Terminal Services Session Directory on a server, add computer accounts for the servers to the directory server s Session Directory Computers local group, and configure the servers to belong to the cluster through Terminal Server Configuration or Group Policy.
NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface) A protocol supplied with all Microsoft network products. NetBEUI advantages include small stack size (important for MS-DOS-based computers), speed of data transfer on the network medium, and compatibility with all Microsoft-based networks. The major drawback of NetBEUI is that it is a local area network (LAN) transport protocol and therefore does not support routing. It is also limited to Microsoft-based networks. NetBIOS (network basic input/output system) An application programming interface (API) that can be used by application programs on a local area network (LAN) consisting of IBM-compatible microcomputers running MS-DOS, OS/2, or some version of UNIX. Primarily of interest to programmers, NetBIOS provides application programs with a uniform set of commands for requesting the lower level network services required to conduct sessions between nodes on a network and transmit information between them. NetBIOS over TCP/IP The session-layer network service that performs name-to-IP address mapping for name resolution. NetBT See NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
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return SoapFilterResult.Continue;
The HTTP request from the client includes the client s HTTP method (such as GET) as well as the URI that the client is requesting and the protocol version. The server HTTP response contains the protocol version followed by a numeric status code and its associated textual phrase. For example, if the server responds with a 2xx code, the server is indicating that the request was successfully received,
DirectAccess Client Configuration Only domain-joined clients running Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions support DirectAccess. You cannot use DirectAccess with other editions of Windows 7 or earlier versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows Vista or Windows XP. When configuring a client for DirectAccess, you must add the client's domain computer account to a special security group. You specify this security group when running the DirectAccess wizard on the DirectAccess server. You will learn how to configure this special group later in this lesson. Clients receive their DirectAccess configuration through Group Policy. This differs from traditional VPN configuration where connections are configured manually or distributed through the connection manager administration kit. Once you have added the computer's client account to the designated security group, you need to install a computer certificate on the client for the purpose of DirectAccess authentication. An organization needs to deploy Active Directory Certificate Services so that clients can automatically enroll with the appropriate certificates. DirectAccess Manual Configuration As mentioned earlier, DirectAccess clients get their configuration through Group Policy. This Group Policy is filtered so that it only applies to computers that are members of specific DirectAccess security groups. The policies that apply through this filtering are located in the Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\TCPIP Settings\IPv6 Transition Technologies node. You can see this collection of policies in Figure 10-1.
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searchable arguments Refers to the WHERE
Lesson 1
Advanced Query Topics
Property FormattingEnabled Items SelectedIndex
According to the settings on the Start Of Authority (SOA) tab, if Computer2 loses contact with Computer1, how long will the DNS server on Computer2 continue to answer queries from DNS clients
C. DataTable and DataSet objects D. Command and DataSet objects 2. How do you configure a DataAdapter to save changes back to a database (Choose all that apply.) A. Instantiate a CommandBuilder object and pass it a DataAdapter with a con figured Select command. B. Call the DataAdapter.Update method. C. Assign a valid Command object to the DataAdapter object s InsertCommand, UpdateCommand, and DeleteCommand properties. D. Call the DataAdapter.Fill method. 3. How do you use a DataAdapter to access an ADO Recordset A. Create a Recordset and call the DataSet.Fill method. B. Create a DataSet and set its DataSource property to the Recordset. C. Call the DataAdapter.Fill method and pass the Recordset as an argument. D. Set the DataAdapter command s CommandText to the name of the Recordset.
Lesson 3 Supporting and Troubleshooting Device Drivers
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