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Lesson 1: Planning an ISA Server Deployment
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Prohibit closing items
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Quick Check Answer
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Page 2-26
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Property AllowItemReorder
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10. Build the project and resolve any problems that appear. Note that you cannot yet run the service because you have not created an installer.
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Computers are people, too
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Keep in mind that the root CA can run Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition. In addition, it should be disconnected from the network after the installation is complete, for security purposes. The enterprise issuing CA will need to run on either Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition or Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition. The root CA needs at least two drives, and the issuing CA should have three drives to store the certificate database and its logs.
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<source name="System.ServiceModel" switchValue="Warning" propagateActivity="true">
Figure 16-4
threshold value
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