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Use the Offline Files tab in the Folder Options dialog box to enable offline files.
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A policy that determines the format of an e-mail address.
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Table 8-4
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' VB method.Invoke(returnValue, param1, param2) // C# method.Invoke(ref returnValue, param1, param2);
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Configuring Languages, Locations, and Accessibility Options
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Exercise 4: Testing the Configuration
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SQL Server 2005 provides two modes for authenticating access to database resources: Windows authentication and Mixed Mode authentication.
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Background Callers Positive Periodic DC HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Netlogon\Parameters\ Cache Refresh for BackgroundSuccessfulRefreshPeriod Background Callers Positive Periodic DC HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Netlogon\Parameters\ Cache Refresh for NonBackgroundSuccessfulRefreshPeriod Non Background Callers Scavenge Interval HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Netlogon\Parameters\ScavengeInterval
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Enable the Messenger Service
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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is correct or incorrect are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
G05tb19 [insert System Properties computer name image]
Mounts a database, for example, Mount-Database First Glasgow Database . You need to mount a public folder database after you have created it. You can also cause a public database to mount at start-up by using the Set-PublicFolderDatabase cmdlet (described next).
You must set the SQL Server instance to allow CLR code to run. You must write the code that the object uses with a .NET language (in this chapter, we include C# and Visual Basic .NET code examples for reference). You must compile the code to an assembly (a CLR executable). You must load the assembly into SQL Server. Finally, you must create the database object and point it to the assembly using Data Definition Language (DDL).
Setting the error output to Fail Transformation causes the data flow to fail if an error is encountered. Using the Ignore Failure option will let the row continue out the normal green data path, but the value that resulted in the error is changed to NULL in the output. Setting the error output to Redirect Row sends the error row out the red error path; this is the only way to handle errors with separate components.
If you need to change the default server, select the server you want from the list in this field.
Group Policy A policy created by an administrator that affects all users on a com puter or all users in a domain and is generally set by domain administrators on a domain level. Group policies are used to specify how a user s desktop looks, what wallpaper is used, and how the Internet Explorer title bar looks, to name only a few options. HTTP e-mail account An e-mail account that connects to an HTTP e-mail server, such as Hotmail. HTTP accounts, which can be added to Outlook 2003 or to Outlook Express, can download e-mail and synchronize mailbox folders. IME See Input Method Editor (IME).
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