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You have been asked to create a new Active Directory forest for a new research project at Trey Research. Because of the sensitive nature of the project, you must ensure that the directory is as secure as possible. You are considering the option of using a Server Core installation on the two servers that will act as domain controllers. 1. Can you create an Active Directory forest by using only Server Core servers 2. Which command will you use to configure static IP addresses on the servers 3. Which command will you use to add the DNS server role 4. Which command will you use to add Active Directory Domain Services
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' VB Imports DemoClient.DemoService // C# using DemoClient.DemoService; Also, because this class is the target for a callback method, it must be decorated with the CallbackBehavior attribute.
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You could create a separate image for each one of your workstations, complete with all applications and user settings, but the process of creating, organizing, storing, and maintaining all of the images for a large enterprise deployment would be monumental. At the other extreme, you could create a single image and use it for all of your workstations. For some deployment projects, this might actually be practical. If, for example, you were deploying hundreds of identical Windows 7 computers for a large call center, one image could suffice. However, in most cases, a large Windows 7 deployment project requires a number of different workstation configurations, and your image creation strategy should specify how many images you need to support them.
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out while you're flipping through pages. Listing 2 1: Sample Printer Output
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user, separated by a backslash in the format, DOMAIN\Username . If the user s account is in the local user database, the domain is the machine name. Otherwise, domain represents the name of the Active Directory domain.
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Sorting data at the data source will be covered in 7, Create, Add, Delete, and Edit Data in a Disconnected Environment.
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Note The AppDomain.ExecuteAssembly method has overloads that allow you to pass command-line arguments, too.
1. Correct Answers: B and D A. Incorrect: CPU utilization is a hardware counter that System Monitor can log. Profiler can trace only SQL Server events. B. Correct: By specifying the SP: StmtStarting or SP: StmtCompleted event, you can capture any statement executing within a stored procedure. C. Incorrect: You use System Monitor to capture network I/O statistics, which Profiler cannot capture. D. Correct: The SP:Recompile event logs any recompiles of a stored procedure.
SQL Server. Right-click the Logins folder, and then select New Login.
Planning an Active Directory Structure
opment environments include libraries for processing XML files. Therefore, an object that is serialized by using XML can be easily processed by an application written for a different operating system in a different development environment.
1. You want your Help Desk group to be able to monitor the ISA Server Dashboard. Your organization has a security policy that requires that all users be assigned as few permissions as possible to complete their tasks. You assign the ISA Server Basic Monitoring role to the Help Desk group on the ISA Server computer. However, none of your help desk employees can view the performance information in the ISA Server Dashboard. What is the problem and how would you resolve it a. The Help Desk group needs to be added to the local Administrators group on the computer running ISA Server. b. You need to create an access rule to allow the Help Desk group to connect to the ISA Server computer. c. The Help Desk group needs to be added to the local Performance Monitor Users group on the computer running ISA Server. d. The help desk group needs to be added to the Server Operators domain local group.
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