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If Not OpenFileDialog1.FileName = "" Then
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Performance Baselines for DBSRV1
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Implementing Role-Based Security
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You may also want to define which Web sites or servers users can or cannot access. You can configure this by creating either a domain name set or a URL set and then applying these sets to an access rule. Moreover, you can create groups of computers that you can use when creating access rules. For example, you may want to allow access to specific Internet resources only to certain computers. You can create computer objects, computer sets, address ranges, or subnets to define groups of one or more computers, and then use these objects to allow or deny access to Internet resources. These computer objects can be used both as the source object and the destination object when defining access rules. Table 5-5 describes the types of network objects available in ISA Server 2004 when creating access rules.
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Users can perform searches in many ways, including using the Search Explorer bar, using a Web browser or search engine, or typing their requests in the Address bar. If a user s choice is to search for information using the Address bar, there are several ways in which the results for that search can be shown. In addition, searching from the Address bar can be disabled. Following are the advanced choices for searching from the Address bar:
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Designing a Network and Routing Infrastructure
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9 Review
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2. Which of the following allows you to open a file with an unknown file type (Each choice offers a complete solution. Choose two.) A. Install the application used to create the file, and then open the file in that program. B. Register the file type in the Folder Options dialog box, and associate it with a program already installed on the computer that has the capability to open the file. C. Use the Web to determine which programs can be used to open the file. D. Register the file type, and let Windows choose a program to open the file with.
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Following is the appropriate method for adding parameters, this time using the SqlCommand.Parameters collection:
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To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have
11. For message security to function, you must provide client credentials. As with the service, specify the Windows credentials by adding the following XML element between the starting and ending security tags that were just added:
Expect to be tested on DnsUpdateProxy on the exam.
TotalPriceColumn.Expression = ("UnitPrice * Quantity");
Disaster Recovery
Howard is in the planning stage of a deployment project in which he will install Windows 7 on 100 workstations in the Customer Service department of his company. The workstations are currently running Windows XP, with a customized call tracking database application. The workstations, as they are currently configured, just barely meet the Windows 7 hardware requirements, and Howard does not want to have to perform hardware upgrades. The database application has its own requirements, which call for more memory and a faster processor than the workstations currently have. Which of the application deployment strategies discussed in this chapter yields the best performance from the workstations Explain your answer.
Objective 3.3
Bindings and Security
Configure and Manage User Profiles and Desktop Settings
At this point, you should view the multimedia presentation The Name Resolution Process, which is available in the Multimedia folder on the CD-ROM accompanying this book. This presentation will give you a deeper understanding of the name resolution process.
Key Terms Do you know what these key terms mean You can check your answers by looking up the terms in the glossary at the end of the book. Boot image Commit Deploy Distribution share Install image Mount
C. Correct: Disk spanning has similar performance to a simple volume whereas disk
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