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Return result.ToString() // C# string result = String.Empty; int myHeaderIndex = OperationContext.Current.RequestContext.RequestMessage.Headers.FindHeader ("MyHeader", ""); if (myHeaderIndex != -1) result = OperationContext.Current.RequestContext.RequestMessage. Headers.GetHeader<String>(myHeaderIndex); else result = OperationContext.Current.RequestContext.RequestMessage. Headers.Action; return result.ToString();
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Tracking other Network Monitor instances
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Figure 8-10
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Figure 13-42: The Visual Effects tab of the Performance Options tool On the Advanced tab, you can adjust for the best performance of programs or background services. If your computer is running applications (as a typical workstation does), you would specify Adjust For Best Performance Of Programs. On a server that is functioning as a Web server (for example), you would specify Adjust For Best Performance Of Background Services. On the same tab, you can adjust page file settings. A page file is an area of disk space that can be used as paged virtual memory when running memory-intensive operations (such as print spooling) or if the system RAM is not adequate to cope with the demands of applications that are running. You can allow Windows 7 to manage memory paging (the default), as shown in Figure 13-43, or you can manually specify virtual memory allocation. If RAM is a serious bottleneck on your computer or you are running some extremely memory-intensive applications, you might want to specify memory-paging settings manually. Otherwise, you should accept the defaults.
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Lesson 2: Message-Level Security
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Practice 1: Set Up Windows Mail to Handle Mail from a Friend Create a mail rule that
The Log Growths and Log Shrinks counters return the total number of times the transaction log for the database has been expanded or shrunk. They do not indicate whether the log is running out of space.
In this exercise, you will insert XML data representing log records into the UniversalLog table you created in Practice 1. 1. If necessary, open SSMS and open a connection to SQL Server 2005. 2. Connect to the TK4318 database you created in Practice 1. 3. Open the LogRecordsXML.sql file in the C:\8 folder. The file contains the following INSERT statements:
Objective 6.1
Language Set this to the language of the query. This value can be set to the name of a language in the syslanguages table (enclosed in single quotes), to an integer-based locale identifier (LCID) number, or to the hexadecimal value of an LCID.
Number of processes currently waiting on the selected type Number of waits started per second of the selected
Throughout the remainder of this book, you will learn how to use your mobile PC in a variety of different settings and for various purposes. Scenarios are a useful way to describe situations and environments in which a mobile PC can be used. The purpose of the scenarios is to show how you can take advantage of the features presented in Windows XP to complete tasks that you perform regularly or that you want your mobile PC to do. The scenarios presented in this book are only examples, but in no way are they limiting. For example, 4, Using Your Mobile PC at Your Desk, describes using MSN Messenger while you are in the office, but the scenario could equally be used in a meeting or at home. When reading through the rest of the book, try to think about how you could apply the exercises in other ways.
using System.Messaging;
Snapshot replication distributes data as it appears at a specific moment in time and does not monitor data updates. When synchronization occurs, the entire snapshot is generated and sent to Subscribers.
For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests section in this book s Introduction.
After this lesson, you will be able to:
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