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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in this lesson. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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Connection 1
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Notice that you see each of the members of the class, including both private members (_companyName, _companyCity, and _companyState) and public members (CompanyName, CompanyCity, and CompanyState). Go back to the private members of the class, add the DebuggerBrowsableAttribute, and set the DebuggerBrowsableState to never. Your code, which references the Sytems.Diagnostics namespace, should look like the following:
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Lesson 1
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Configure, Manage, and Troubleshoot Local User and Group Accounts
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Case Scenarios
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A. Visit the add-on developer s website, and download and install an update.
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You can back up, restore, or migrate a RADIUS server by using the Netsh com mand-line utility and the AAAA context. First, use the Netsh aaaa show config >filename.txt command to dump the complete IAS server configuration into a script file. Then you can install the configuration included in this script file onto a particular IAS server by running the Netsh exec [path]\filename.txt command on the target server computer.
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Lesson 2: Configuring Zone Properties and Transfers
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Business/IT Alignment Reliability Policy Financial Management
To list all mailboxes on the mailbox server Glasgow that hold 1,000 or more messages and to save the mailbox details in a CSV file for further analysis and reporting, you would use the following command:
If you are very comfortable with the installation of Windows Server 2003, you may configure the server using the above guidelines. Otherwise you may use the more comprehensive setup instructions that are provided in 1, Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2003. The second computer will act as a second server or a Windows XP client for the optional hands-on exercises in the course. s that require a second computer will provide configuration guidance in the Before You Begin section of the chapter.
Solution Activate the device in the Display Properties dialog box. Confirm that you chose the correct video driver. Restart the computer to confirm that the secondary display initialized. If not, check the status of the video adapter in Device Manager. Switch the order of the adapters in the slots. (The primary adapter must qualify as a secondary adapter.)
1. Which of these goals are met by deploying an Active Directory integrated zone with the default replication scope on domain controllers in all three locations throughout the network
If you specify that another server should act as the Distributor, you must enter a password on the Administrative Password page for connections made from the Publisher to the Distributor. This password must match the password specified when the Publisher was enabled at the remote Distributor.
D. Edit the Firewall Client settings to Allow Non-Encrypted Firewall Client Connections. E. Edit the system policy. On the Terminal Server node, ensure that the IP address of the Windows XP computer is entered in the Remote Management Computers group on the From tab.
Log shipping scope
The SplitContainer control creates a subsection of the form where a Splitter divides the SplitContainer into two SplitterPanel controls that function similarly to Panel controls. The user can grab the Splitter with the mouse and move its location, thus changing the relative size of each SplitterPanel. The SplitContainer.Dock property is set to Fill by default because the most common use for SplitContainers is to create divided Windows Forms. The SplitContainer exposes its two child SplitterPanel controls through its Panel1 and Panel2 properties. These properties allow you to access the properties of the con tained SplitterPanel controls. Each SplitterPanel contained by the SplitContainer control functions in basically the same way as a Panel control. They can host controls and are distinct from the rest of the
End If
Lesson 2: Protecting Files Using Isolated Storage
check involves examining a configuration setting, which has already been loaded into memory. If logging is not enabled, the call returns immediately. In other words, if there is no logging to be done, the overhead of logging is minimal. Now if logging is turned on, the performance impact will definitely exist. Writing to a flat file or a database takes CPU cycles. But the idea behind being able to turn logging on and off in the configuration file is that the performance is affected only when it needs to be. Given that most of the reasons that developers avoid adding logging code have been addressed, let s consider whether a framework is worth the effort. First of all, the difference between a framework and a centralized logging mechanism is relatively minimal. Theoretically, a framework has been designed to be extensible, both in terms of data stores and functionality. A centralized logging mechanism expands more organically. In fact, the people who design a framework have probably created a number of centralized logging mechanisms before, so they know where the hard edges and sharp corners in the process are. But the question of whether a framework should be used also goes to the effort involved in configuring and using it. Frameworks have more generic functionality exposed. They support multiple data stores and different log levels. As a result of needing to support different calling protocols, the method calls tend to be more complicated. As a result, getting the framework properly configured can be challenging certainly more complicated than adding an Enable Logging value to the AppSettings section in the configuration file. So the answer to the Is a framework worth the effort question comes down to the types of functionality that are needed and how flexible the logging needs to be. In the Enterprise Library that we ll be discussing shortly, the Write method can be configured to route messages to multiple data stores under different conditions, including the severity level and the message source. Each message can be sent to more than one destination. The destination for each message can be modified on the fly and changes detected immediately. It is truly (as the name suggests) enterprise-level in terms of functionality. However, using and configuring the logging portion of Enterprise Library can be difficult. The method calls are not as simple as might be desired because of the functionality that is supported. Configuration involves multiple levels of indirect references. Using the Enterprise Library is worthwhile only if your application needs enterprise levels of logging functionality. And that is really the answer to the question. A framework is worth including in your application if your corporate environment needs the flexibility that is offered. If not, then focus on creating a centralized logging mechanism that does exactly what you need it to do. You can always revert to a framework if the needs of your application infrastructure change.
Figure 3-36: Microsoft File Transfer Manager transfers the files 10. Access C:\Windows 7\MDT 2010 Files. Check that all the specified files have been downloaded to the subfolder folder Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Beta. EXERCISE 2: Accessing the MDT 2010 Documentation Microsoft recommends that you read the MDT 2010 documentation before installing the tool. To access this documentation, proceed as follows: 1.
' VB myReader.Skip() // C# myReader.Skip();
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