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Domain Name System (DNS) was created to solve these three problems. The DNS database is distributed across many computers on the Internet, all these computers sharing the burden of name resolution. The DNS namespace is also hierarchical and broken down into different domains. A particular host name has to be unique only within its domain instead of within the whole network. Each domain is considered the authority on names within its boundaries.
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For more information on DNS in Windows Server 2008, go to windowsserver2008/en/servermanager/dnsserver.mspx.
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SCSI 2 ID 0 (shared bus)
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Lesson 5: Implementing an Audit Policy
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Although the ROLLBACK statement returns the data to its prior state, some functionalities, such as seed values for identity columns, are not reset.
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You then provide information about the mailbox on the Mailbox Settings page. On this page, you complete the following fields: generator pdf417
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Table 11-1 How to Complete Common Disk Management Tasks from the Command Prompt
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Objective 1.1: Configure TCP/IP Addressing on a Server Computer
Figure 13-2
FiGURe 6-7 The actual execution plan of Query 3 in SSMS
You do not have sufficient privileges to create a user object in the container. The snap-in s com mands will adjust to reflect your administrative capabilities. If you do not have the right to cre ate an object, the appropriate New command will be unavailable.
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Lesson 4
Page 6-39
Lesson 2: Reading and Writing Files
Monitoring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
One of the primary responsibilities of the systems administrator is to ensure that the physical and logical devices on the servers are correctly managed and maintained. A physical device is hardware that can be touched: a network card, a graphics adapter, or a Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) hard disk drive. A logical device is one that has been created by the operating system. Partitions, volumes, and striped disks are examples of logical devices. The disk management console gives the systems administrator the ability to manage and maintain the physical and logical disks of a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 system. The disk management console can be found as a node in the Computer Management console or used as its own separate console by adding the appropriate snap-in to a custom-built Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The disk management console allows a systems administrator to convert disks from basic to dynamic and back, format them with the NTFS file system (NTFS), FAT, or FAT32 file systems, extend volumes across multiple disks, and configure disk mirroring as well as institute striped and RAID-5 volumes. Over time, disk fragmentation can degrade the performance of even the quickest of hard disk drives. Fragmentation occurs as files are added and deleted from the hard disk drive. When a hard disk drive is new, files are laid down on the disk contiguously. As a disk sees more files added and deleted, files are laid down on the disk as space is available, quite often in a noncontiguous manner. A fragmented file is one that is stored on different areas of the hard disk drive. It takes longer to read a fragmented file than a file that exists contiguously on the hard disk. The defragmentation process reorders files on the hard disk so that they are written contiguously, as opposed to being stored in a fragmented manner. The disk defragmenter can be launched from a node in the Computer Management console, as a snap-in for a custom MMC, or by the Defrag command-line utility. The Device Manager allows a systems administrator to manage and configure other hardware devices. A new and important feature to Windows Server 2003 is the ability to roll back a newly installed driver to a previously stable one. In the past, if an unstable driver was installed on a server, the driver was very difficult to remove. It was also difficult to reinstall an older driver over the newer unstable one. The Device Manager can also be used to check which system resources particular devices use as well as to resolve hardware conflicts between installed devices.
In these practices, you will perform several exercises that will familiarize you with managing public folders. To perform these practices, you must have completed the practice exercises in 4 that created the Management public folder.
Generate a Proxy Class, Using svcutil
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