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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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Determine whether Service Pack 2 is installed on a computer running Windows XP
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Lesson 1: Calling Web Methods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 269 Lesson 2: Polling Web Methods for Completion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 284
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from your application. Estimated lesson time: 15 minutes
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public string State
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Your network currently uses Windows 2000 Professional clients and Windows 2000 Server computers. You have recently upgraded from ISA Server 2000 to ISA Server 2004. You are continuing to use the ISA Server 2000 Firewall Client. You have recently become concerned about the possibility that authentication traffic between the Windows 2000 Professional clients and the ISA Server 2004 computer might be intercepted. You want to ensure that the authentication process between the ISA Server 2004 computer and the Firewall Clients is encrypted. Which of the following steps should you take (Select two.) A. Edit the Application.ini file on the Windows 2000 Professional clients. Add the line ForceCredentials=1. B. Edit the Application.ini file on the Windows 2000 Professional clients. Add the line ForceCredentials=0. C. Edit the properties of the Internal Network on the ISA Server 2004 computer. Ensure that the Enable Firewall Client Support For This Network box is checked. D. Upgrade the Firewall Clients to the ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client on all computers. E. In the Configuration\General node of the ISA Server 2004 Management Console, open the Define Firewall Client Settings option and ensure that the Allow Nonencrypted Firewall Client Connections box is unchecked.
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2. You have many branch offices with slow connections to the Internet and no direct connection to head office. You have implemented ISA Server 2004 as a firewall solution at all branch offices. You also want to take advantage of the caching ability of ISA Server to allow branch office ISA Server computers to update content from the corporate Web site twice a day during business hours. Due to hardware restrictions, you want the branches to cache only content from your corporate Web site. How would you configure that
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Description Used to control whether an assembly can initiate TCP/IP connections. You can control the destination, port number, and protocol. Controls whether an assembly can access SQL Servers, and whether blank passwords are allowed. Determines whether an assembly can create new windows or access the clipboard. Determines whether the assembly can access Web sites, and which Web sites can be accessed.
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2. You are the network administrator for a large company. Your company network has been assigned the network address Which subnet mask should you configure for the network if you want to accommodate 25 subnets with up to 2000 hosts per subnet Give the answer in both CIDR (network prefix) and dotteddecimal notations.
As part of the Typical Settings setup option, TCP/IP is installed by default during instal lation of Windows Server 2003. For this reason, you do not usually need to install TCP/ IP once the Windows Server 2003 Setup program has been performed. However, if TCP/IP has been uninstalled from a computer, or if the protocol was cleared during the Windows Server 2003 Setup program, you need to install the protocol if you want to connect the computer to a TCP/IP network. To install TCP/IP, complete the following steps:
SQLOS vs. SQL Server 2000 UMS
Network Address Number of (with Network Host IDs per Subnet Prefix) 126 62 30 14 14
Understanding the Image Creation Process
Creating Oracle Connection Objects in Code
Using a Scalable Shared Database
When you move a file or folder within a single NTFS volume, note the following things:
Timestamp ClientIp ClientHostname ServerIp ServerHostname SourceContext ConnectorId Source EventID InternalMessageID MessageID Recipients RecipientStatus TotalBytes RecipientCount RelatedRecipientAddress Reference MessageSubject Sender ReturnPath MessageInfo
5. Open the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in and verify that the computer was created successfully.
Lesson 5: Reporting Errors and Handling Failures
Responsibility for the workstations now passes to the operate teams, many members of which are individuals who participated in the Deploy phase. The SMFs for the Operate phase all occur concurrently, with each one defining tasks and services that the workstations will use at various times throughout their operational lives.
Configuring Firewall Policy (5.0)
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