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By default, all cursors are updatable. To make modifications to underlying table rows, you can execute an UPDATE or DELETE statement with the WHERE CURRENT OF <cursor name> clause to modify or delete the row in the underlying table that the cursor pointer is currently accessing.
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Windows Server 2003 Cluster Administrator
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Practice 3
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A reference ID associated with a specific model of the earth. These IDs reference the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) standard identification system. For example, SRID 4326, the default geography SRID, maps to the WGS 84 standard. Since geometry data types can exist in undefined planar space, the default geometry SRID is 0, representing undefined planar space.
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The Private profile becomes active when the network types of all active network connections are categorized as Private by NLA. Active network connections include LAN, Wireless, VPN, Modem, and FireWire. The key is active. If a network interface is in the disconnected state, such as when you are not connected to a wireless LAN or are not using your modem, it does not count toward the profile designation. When a computer connects to a new network, Windows Vista queries the user, asking whether the network is Public, Home, or Work. If the user designates the network as Home or Work, it will be categorized by Windows Vista as Private. It is important to note that if a network is incorrectly designated, this will influence the function of NLA. Public profile Windows Vista activates the Public profile in any situations where the Private or Domain profiles do not apply. If one network interface out of five on a Windows Vista computer is designated Public when the others are designated Private, the Public profile will apply. By default, when the Public profile is in force, the firewall rules are the most restrictive. Domain profile The Domain profile is active when the Windows Vista computer has authenticated with a domain controller on all active network interfaces. Because the 70-620 exam does not deal with Windows Vista in domain environments, you should be aware of this profile but not be too concerned about its details.
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: Windows XP Professional always attempts to resolve names using the HOSTS file and DNS first. NetBIOS name resolution methods such as WINS and the LMHOSTS file are used only as a last resort. B. Incorrect: Windows XP Professional checks the HOSTS file for host name resolution before sending a DNS query. However, the LMHOSTS file is not checked until after a WINS resolution request is attempted. C. Correct: Windows XP Professional first checks the specified host name against the local machine name. It then begins the DNS name resolution process, first checking the HOSTS file and then sending a DNS query. Finally, the NetBIOS name resolution process is used, which is as follows: check the NetBIOS name cache, send a WINS query, send a broadcast query, and scan the LMHOSTS file. D. Incorrect: A DNS query and the HOSTS file are very similar to a WINS query and the LMHOSTS file. Windows XP standard DNS name resolution scans the HOSTS file before sending a DNS query. However, by default, NetBIOS name resolution scans the LMHOSTS file after sending a WINS query.
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Thick image files require more maintenance, both because there are more of them and because there are more software components in them. Every time you want to update the operating system, an application, or any other software component, you must modify or recreate every image file that contains that component.
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From here on, or until this new default behavior is changed manually, all .gif files will open using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. You can use this same procedure to change any file type and the program it opens with.
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Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
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Use the Sharing tab of a folder s Properties dialog box to share a folder.
Implementing Security at Design Time
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Row filters
IP address Subnet mask Default gateway DNS servers
Supporting TCP/IP
Class2.Method2 calls Class3.Method3 Class3
The Dsmod and Dsget commands are two Active Directory command-line tools, called DS commands. You encountered Dsquery in 2 and Dsadd in Lesson 1 of this chapter.
Correct Answers: A and E A. Correct: You will be unable to request the certificate from the ISA Server 2004 computer because it has no IIS components installed. Requesting the certificate from the Web server computer and then exporting the certificate to the ISA Server 2004 computer will ensure that both computers have an SSL certificate, which is necessary for HTTPS-to-HTTPS bridging. B. Incorrect: Because none of the IIS components is installed on the ISA Server 2004 computer, you will not be able to run the IIS Web Server Certificate Wizard on this computer. C. Incorrect: When the bridging mode is set to Secure Connection To Clients, HTTPS-to-HTTP bridging is in effect rather than HTTPS-to-HTTPS bridging. The difference is that, in HTTPS-to-HTTP bridging, the connection between the client and the ISA Server is encrypted using SSL, but the connection between the ISA Server and the Web server is not encrypted using SSL. D. Incorrect: When the bridging mode is set to Secure Connection To Web Server, HTTP-to-HTTPS bridging rather than HTTPS-to-HTTPS bridging is in effect. The difference between the two is that, with HTTP-to-HTTPS bridging, the client s
8. In the Configuration Filter text box, enter a name for the Package Configuration as shown in Figure 7-20. This name will be inserted in the ConfigurationFilter column of the newly created table. Click Next.
private System.Windows.Forms.TextBox integer2;
Lesson 1: Evaluate Requirements and Propose a Design
You are the systems administrator for a medium-sized organization and you are considering employing WSUS to manage updates provided by Microsoft for your Windows XP Professional systems. Your organization currently uses a proxy solution running on an appliance that requires username and password authentication. The user and password database for the proxy is different from that used in your Windows Server 2003 domain. Given this situation, which of the following options is available to you in configuring a software update infrastructure A. Because WSUS cannot be configured to authenticate against a proxy, all updates must be manually downloaded by an administrator and placed on the WSUS server. The Windows XP Professional machines should be configured using Group Policy to contact the WSUS server for their software updates. B. Because WSUS cannot be configured to authenticate against a proxy and Windows XP clients can, Windows XP clients should continue to contact Microsoft to download their updates. C. WSUS can be configured to authenticate against a proxy to download a list of updates for your approval. Windows XP systems should be configured to check the WSUS server to find which updates you have approved and then to automatically download those updates from the Microsoft Web site. D. WSUS can be configured to authenticate against a proxy to download a list of updates for your approval as well as downloading the updates. Windows XP systems should be configured to check the WSUS server to determine which updates are approved and then to retrieve them from the WSUS server.
Remember that the default mode of CSVDE and LDIFDE is export. You must use the i parameter to import objects.
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