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10 MB for the AD FS installation Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition or Datacenter Edition IIS with ASP.NET enabled and .NET Framework 2.0 Default location on the system drive
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Lesson 2: Configuring and Using Active Directory Certificate Services
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Facts to Know About Moving Between NTFS Volumes
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Sometimes, you simply want to send a message off to a service and have it trigger some sort of business logic, and you aren t in fact interested in receiving anything back from the service. In such cases, you might want to use the OneWay MEP, that is, have the consumer simply send one-way messages into the service endpoint without any responses back from the service. This MEP is declared by setting the IsOneWay property on the OperationContractAttribute to true. The following shows an example of this:
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Configure a Local Domain Table (LDT)
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System Restore warning dialog box
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1. From which of the following sources can you attach a file to an e-mail message (Choose all that apply.) A. Local file system B. Stream C. Web site D. An incoming e-mail message 2. Which of the following are required to send an HTML e-mail message (Choose all that apply.) A. Set MailMessage.Body to an HTML message. B. Set MailMessage.Head to an HTML header.
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Exam Objectives in this :
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The Location Platform reads sensor data reports from all enabled location sensors, as depicted by step number 1 in Figure 10-3. Then it calculates which sensor data report represents the most accurate location data. This can be done because the error radius value is found in each location sensor data report. The Location Platform also registers for data and status updates from all the enabled location sensors. Therefore, each time one of the enabled location sensors generates a data update event (ISensorEvents::OnDataUpdated), the Location Platform checks whether this new location sensor report contains more accurate location information than the already existing location report, again based on the error radius. If the new sensor location data report is more accurate than the existing one, the Location Platform caches the new sensor data report and its received time stamp, as shown by number 2. At this point, the Location Platform has new location information that is available to read (or to notify the user of) through the ILocation interface. When you read a location report using the ILocation interface, you receive the latest and most accurate location report, as shown by number 3.
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The Windows Server 2003 Event Viewer contains several logs that report errors and significant events during system operation. The System log contains data related to service and other internal operating system functioning. The Application log contains data written to it by software programs. The Security log contains data for successful and failed audits. Different from the other logs, the Security log is configurable by the administrator as to what data is written to it. Domain Controllers have additional logs for File Replication Services and Active Directory. DNS servers have a log for DNS that is separate from other application logs. In complex or lengthy logs, the display of data can be filtered by various criteria, including recording date and type of data, to make the data more readable. All Event Viewer logs can be configured separately as to the maximum size of the log file and how that log file should operate if the maximum size is reached. The choices when the maximum file size are reached is to overwrite older data immediately, overwrite only data that is of a certain age, or force a manual clearing of the log and never overwrite any data. In a related configuration, Group Policy can be enabled to force the immediate shutdown of a computer that is unable to write audit information to the Security log.
Sub Main(ByVal args As String())
msDS-PasswordReversibleEncryptionEnabled: False. The password is not stored using reversible encryption. msDS-PasswordHistoryLength: 30. The user cannot reuse any of the last 30 passwords. msDS-PasswordComplexityEnabled: True. Password complexity rules are enforced. msDS-MinimumPasswordLength: 15. Passwords must be at least 15 characters long. msDS-MinimumPasswordAge: 1:00:00:00. A user cannot change his or her password within one day of a previous change. The format is d:hh:mm:ss (days, hours, minutes, seconds). MaximumPasswordAge: 45:00:00:00. The password must be changed every 45 days. msDS-LockoutThreshold: 5. Five invalid logons within the time frame specified by XXX (the next attribute) will result in account lockout. msDS-LockoutObservationWindow: 0:01:00:00. Five invalid logons (specified by the previous attribute) within one hour will result in account lockout. msDS-LockoutDuration: 1:00:00:00. An account, if locked out, will remain locked for one day or until it is unlocked manually. A value of zero will result in the account remaining locked out until an administrator unlocks it.
The primary XML index is the first index on the xml type column. Three types of secondary indexes are supported: PATH, VALUE, and PROPERTY. The primary index creates several rows of data for each XML BLOB in the column. The number of rows in the index is approximately equal to the number of nodes in the XML BLOB. Each row stores the following information:
In some instances the exception that is thrown should not be sent directly back to the client. This is similar to wrapping an exception, except that in the case of replacement, the InnerException property is left blank.
Managing User Objects with Active Directory Users And Computers . . . . . . . 3-7
ThumbnailToolbarButton tb1 = new ThumbnailToolbarButton(SystemIcons.Warning, "Play"); tb1.Click += delegate { MessageBox.Show("clicked Play"); }; ThumbnailToolbarButton tb2 = new ThumbnailToolbarButton(SystemIcons.Information, "Next"); tb2.Click += delegate { MessageBox.Show("clicked Next"); }; TaskbarManager.Instance.ThumbnailToolbars.AddButtons(Handle, tb1, tb2);
[WebMethod] [SoapDocumentMethod(OneWay = true)] public void ThrowException() { throw new ApplicationException("You"ll never know I was thrown"); }
Objective 5.5
Like Domain Name System (DNS), your Windows Internet Networking System (WINS) infrastructure is based on both the physical and logical topology of the company s network. Before attempting to design a WINS infrastructure for a company, the company s existing physical topology should be diagramed with detailed information on the location of servers, routers and switches, domain controllers, application servers, users, groups, organizational units, and so on. All of this was covered in 2, Analyzing an Existing Infrastructure. This chapter is about designing a conceptual WINS infrastructure. The good news is that all of your hard work of gathering information to design the DNS infrastructure (the subject of 6) can be used here no reinventing the wheel. You will begin your journey with an overview of WINS and how it works. From there, you will design a WINS infrastructure and then examine how WINS servers can replicate to other WINS servers, much like a DNS server replicates to other DNS servers. Lessons in this :
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