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You can view all network connections configured on a computer in the Network Connections window, which you can access through Control Panel. In the Network Connections window, you can right-click a connection to access command for renaming, disabling, and repairing a connection. You can also open a connection s Properties dialog box to configure advanced options. Dial-up connections work much like LAN connections, but they have additional options that let you control when the connection is dialed, the number for the connection, and other criteria for use. To create a dial-up connection, you use the New Connection Wizard. You can also configure Windows XP Professional to allow incoming dial-up connections. Windows XP Professional can operate in two wireless modes: ad-hoc wireless networking, in which there are multiple stations but no AP, and infrastructure wireless networking, in which stations connect to an AP. You can secure wireless networks in the following ways:
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Protecting DCs as Virtual Machines
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Once you have an instance of an object, you simply use reflection to get the info class you need to call, and then you invoke the info class to execute the code. For example, call the Add method on your new Hashtable instance:
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Table 3-1
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Lesson 1: Troubleshooting Physical Server Performance
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In this exercise, you verify that the connection is able to pass traffic from one router to another. 1. If you have not already done so, from Computer1 log on to Domain1 as Admin istrator. 2. In the Routing And Remote Access console tree, select the Network Interfaces node. 3. In the details pane, right-click the Remote Router interface and then click Connect. The Interface Connection message box appears while the router is connecting. Computer2 answers the phone after two rings. 4. When the Connection State appears as Connected in the Routing And Remote Access console, switch to Computer2 and log on as Administrator. 5. On Computer2, at a command prompt type ipconfig /all, and then press Enter. 6. In the following space, write the address assigned to the interface named PPP Adapter RAS Server (Dial In) Interface:
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Use SQLXML to Query the UniversalLog Table
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Figure 3-21: Specifying a path to driver files 3. Click Add Group and add a driver group, for example, Windows 7. Take a note of the name of this group you need this information to create bootable LTI media. 4. Select the check box for the new driver group. 5. If you want, you can select Import Drivers Even If They Are Duplicates Of An Existing Driver. 6. Click Install. The out-of-box device drivers install in subfolders of the C:\Distribution\Out-Of-Box Drivers folder. Configuring Task Sequences You use task sequences to add updates, language packs and other packages, and applications to an image. You also specify a task sequence that binds operating system source files with a configuration. The system source files include the following: Operating system You can choose an operating system or custom image to use for the build. Unattended Setup answer file (Unattend.xml or Autounattend.xml) You can create an answer file that describes how to install and configure Windows 7 on the target computer. For example, the answer file can contain a product key, organization name,
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dsget group "CN=Accounting,OU=Groups,DC=contoso,DC=com" -members
In this practice, you will use the Report Wizard in BIDS to create a report. You will then change the report properties so that the report fits into a landscape layout and modify the report to make it easier for users to understand. You will also change some item properties and then add a footer and a chart to the report.
What are the four main subsystems that determine server performance Memory, processor, disk, and network.
End If
You are the Senior DBA at TailSpinToys. Database and application developers need to make changes to the TailSpinToys database on a regular basis. You administer a preproduction network, the purpose of which is to test all schema changes before they are migrated to the production SQL Server 2005 servers. Written company policy states that all changes to the database schema must be tested and approved on the pre-production network before they are migrated to the production servers. Answer the following questions: 1. Who is responsible for implementing schema changes on the pre-production and production networks 2. What should the initial procedure be when developers perceive the need for schema changes 3. Who is responsible for signing off on changes to the pre-production database schema 4. What should the procedure be for implementing approved schema changes on the production database 5. How do you ascertain and prove that the required procedures have been implemented
Using Additional Query Techniques
4. On the File menu, click Add, New Web Site. Select the ASP.NET Web Site tem plate, enter MyWebServiceClient as the project name, and click OK. 5. Right-click the new project file and click Add Web Reference. In the Add Web Reference dialog box select Web Services In This Solution. 6. Click the MyWebService link, enter the name WebService in the Web Reference Name text box, and click Add Reference. 7. Right-click the Default.aspx file in Solution Explorer and click View Designer. 8. Click the Toolbox and drag a DropDownList control onto the design surface. Click the design surface to close the DropDownList Tasks window and then click the control. In the Properties window, set the ID property to ddlVendors. 9. Click the Toolbox and drag an XMLDataSource control onto the design surface. Click the design surface to close the XmlDataSource Tasks window. 10. Double-click the design surface to open the Page_load method in the code win dow. Add the following code to this method:
resource records. The DNS tab of the server properties dialog box in the DHCP console looks deceptively simple, but misconfiguration here can have serious effects. You must understand the exact effect each check box and option has. Finally, tools are available for diagnosing DHCP server operation. Neither the DHCP server audit log nor the system error log can be described as intuitive or user-friendly, but they are exceptionally useful for diagnosing DHCP problems.
Lesson Review
Creating a POP3 or IMAP Account
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