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WCF Extensibility
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The View Activity Reports control
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Figure 3-8 Choose whether the server should respond to client requests immediately or after configuration.
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To create a compressed file 4. How can you verify that the Text1.txt file is compressed
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Dim channel As TcpClientChannel = New TcpClientChannel()
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Earlier in this chapter, you saw how taskbar overlay icons and progress bars give your application an effective way to convey status information even if the application s window is not currently in the foreground or is not even shown. In this section, you ll see the Win32 and managed APIs that your application must call to take advantage of this feature. Setting a taskbar overlay icon is an extremely simple process. The ITaskbarList3 shell interface provides the SetOverlayIcon method, which you call by passing your window handle and another two parameters: an icon handle (HICON) and an accessibility description string. The managed equivalent is the Taskbar. Manager.Instance.SetOverlayIcon method. Setting the icon to null removes the overlay altogether, giving the taskbar button its original appearance. Unfortunately, there is no simple process that doesn t involve using some kind of a trick. If you re tempted to toggle the overlay icon during your application s startup process, you must be aware of a potential subtlety. Attempting to set an overlay icon before the taskbar button is created can result in an exception (when creating the ITaskbarList3 object). Therefore, you must wait for the notification that the taskbar button has been created, which is delivered to your window procedure as a window message. This message does not have a predefined code, so you must use the RegisterWindowMessage function (passing the pdf417 free
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Linking the Sales and Order Entry GPOs to the domain object does not achieve the configuration you want because all of the workstations in the Sales and Order Entry OUs receive settings from whatever OU has the highest precedence. Linking the Sales GPO to the Sales OU and the Order Entry GPO to the Order Entry OU is the simplest way to achieve the required configuration because the policy values in the Order Entry GPO overwrite the values from the Sales GPO on the Order Entry workstations. Blocking inheritance would prevent the computers in the Order Entry OU from receiving the baseline settings applied to the domain object. Although creating Sales and Order Entry groups and using security filters can create the required configuration, it is far from being the easiest way.
Command objects are used to execute SQL statements and stored procedures against a database. There are specific Command objects for each of the .NET Framework Data Pro viders. The CommandType property determines whether a command executes a SQL statement or stored procedure. Commands can also be used to perform catalog operations on a database. Commands can be executed asynchronously. DataReader objects are created when command execution returns tabular data.
This task enables a user to view and modify report server properties, as well as view and modify items that the report server manages. With this task, a user can rename Report Manager, enable My Reports, and set report history defaults.
7. On the Access Rule Destinations page, shown in Figure 5-22, click Add to open the Add Network Entities dialog box, click Networks, select the External network (representing the Internet), click Add, and then click Close. On the Access Rule Destinations page, click Next.
10 Review
The Netdom Join command can also be used to join a workstation or server to a domain. Its functionality is identical to the Computer Name Changes user interface except that it also allows you to specify the OU in which to create an account if a computer object does not already exist in Active Directory.
This is the key's path, beginning with the root key. Use the root key abbreviations HKCR, HKCU, HKLM, and HKU. This is the key you want to export to a REG file. filename This is the path and name of the REG file to create. Example
Enables the user to adjust sound quality and console size. Ends the Remote Assistance connection.
Create a drawing or chart, and save the results as an image file. Use text (as described in Lesson 3) to add copyright information or a watermark to a picture. Resize JPEG images so that they consume less space and can be downloaded faster.
<channel ref="http useDefaultCredentials="false />
Lessons in this chapter:
Constructor Require types that use your generic to implement a parameterless
what has actually happened. To predict the future and to perform what-if analyses, you can use the Group Policy Modeling Wizard. Right-click the Group Policy Modeling node in the GPMC. Choose Group Policy Modeling Wizard and perform the steps in the wizard. Modeling is performed by conducting a simulation on a domain controller, so you are first asked to select a domain controller that is running Windows Server 2003 or later. You do not need to be logged on locally to the domain controller, but the modeling request will be performed on the domain controller. You are then asked to specify the settings for the simulation:
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