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Configure Web applications to allow debugging without Administrators group member-
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Lock the Taskbar
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To complete the practices, examples, and lab exercises in this chapter, you must have one computer running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. During the course of performing the exercises in this chapter, the computer s security can be reduced. Therefore, the computer should not be a production computer and should not be connected to any network, especially the Internet, even if a firewall is present. Install Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 using the default settings.
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Description The Validating event won t be raised when focus leaves a control. The Validating event is raised when focus changes, but setting Cancel to True doesn t prevent focus from moving to the next control.
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If you attempt to run the service now, you will receive an error indicating that the binding being used doesn t support transactions. You must modify the binding definition in the app.config file to support transactions. 12. In Solution Explorer, double-click the App.config file. 13. Find the first endpoint tag. Add a bindingConfiguration attribute that sets the name of the binding configuration to TransactionalBinding, as shown here:
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Exist in all mixed, interim, and native functional level domains and forests. Are available domainwide only in Windows 2000 native or Windows Server 2003 domain functional level domains. Domain local groups function as a local group on the domain controllers while the domain is in mixed or interim domain functional level. Can include members from any domain in the forest, from trusted domains in other forests, and from trusted down-level domains. Have domainwide scope in Windows 2000 native and Windows Server 2003 domain functional level domains and can be used to grant resource permission on any computer running Windows Server 2003 within, but not beyond, the domain in which the group exists.
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Objective 5.4 Questions 1.
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Using the SortedList Class
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One of the most important options to set when configuring a tuning session that involves workloads from production systems is to limit the tuning time. Otherwise, DTA could run for several days before completing. DTA performs its analysis by loading the specified workload and starting the first command to tune. DTA then interrogates the query optimizer with various options and compares the query cost that the optimizer returns. DTA repeats this interrogation process until it cannot find any options that produce a query plan of a lower cost. DTA then logs any recommendations for that query such as creating an index, an indexed view, or partitioning the table and moves on to the next statement to repeat the process.
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Public Class SalesService
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Planning Creation and updating of printer objects happens relatively quickly, but objects and attributes must be replicated before they affect the results of a Find Printers operation from a client. Replication latency depends on the size of your enterprise, and your replication topology.
Configuring Firewall Policy (5.0)
The correct answer is b.
When you create a deployment share, the New Deployment Share Wizard creates a CustomSettings.ini file, based on your responses to the wizard s prompts. For example, if you select the Ask User For A Product Key check box, the wizard adds the SkipProductKey=NO command to the CustomSettings.ini file. Later, when the Windows Deployment Wizard running on the target computers reads that command, it causes the wizard to suppress the appearance of the Specify The Product Key Needed To Install This Operating System page. A typical default CustomSettings.ini file contains the following commands:
Case Scenario Exercises: Scenario 10.2
Sub New()
Suggested Practices
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In the sections that follow, you will learn the process of SSL encryption, how to obtain SSL certificates, how a single SSL certificate applies to only a single Web site, and how SSL certificates authenticate servers.
Configuring quarantine control on ISA Server requires several configuration steps. Before you enable quarantine mode, you must complete the following steps: 1. Create a client-side script that will be used to validate the client configuration information. 2. Use CMAK to create a Connection Manager profile that includes a notification component and the client-side script. The notification component provides verification to the computer running ISA Server that the script has successfully run. If you do not want to create your own notification component, you can use Rqc.exe from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. Distribute the CM profile to all users who need to access your network through the VPN connection. 3. Create and install a listener component on the ISA Server computer. The listener component is installed on the computer running ISA Server, and receives notification from the client that the script has successfully performed all configuration checks. After the listener component receives notification, it removes the client from quarantine mode, and the ISA Server computer moves the client IP address from the Quarantined VPN Clients network to the VPN Clients network. If you do not want to create your own listener component, you can use the Rqs.exe sample from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. 4. Enable quarantine control on ISA Server. After completing all the previous steps, you can then enable quarantine control on ISA Server. When you enable quarantine for ISA Server, you can configure a time-out setting that specifies the amount of time a client attempting to create a VPN connection is allowed to remain in quarantine mode and an exception list of users to whom quarantine is not applied. Users in this list are automatically joined to the VPN Clients network. 5. Configure network rules and access rules for the Quarantined VPN Clients network. Before a client computer clears quarantine, the client s IP address is added to the Quarantined VPN Clients network. For the client to have access to any network resources, you need to configure network and access rules so that clients on this network can gain access to the internal network. At a minimum, you should configure the firewall policy so that the client can perform name resolution using DNS, obtain the latest version of the CM profile, or access instructions and components needed to make the remote-access client compliant with network policies. 6. Configure network rules and access rules for the VPN Clients network. After the client computer clears quarantine, the client IP address is moved to the VPN Clients network. To enable access to the internal network, you need to define access rules that enable the appropriate level of access.
Objective 5.3 Configure and Troubleshoot Remote Connections . . . . . . . . . . 17-19
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