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' VB Imports VSProxy.Tasks Imports System.ServiceModel
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Maintaining a Network Infrastructure (5.0)
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Exercise 2: Use a Locking Hint In the previous exercise, you encountered the phantom reads concurrency problem. In this exercise, you re-create the stored procedure, but this time, you will use the serializable locking hint to protect against phantom reads. 1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, and connect to an instance of SQL Server 2005. 2. Open a new query window, and type and execute the following SQL statements. This will create the TestDB database, the Test schema, and the tables that you will use in this exercise. You will also create the Test.spAccountReset stored procedure. You can execute this procedure to reset the data in the tables if you need to restart the exercise.
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Designing Database Server Security Policies
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Name Additive Averaging
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The ISA Server Performance Monitor
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Default gateway Specifies the IP address of a router that provides access to other networks. If this address is missing or incorrect, the computer can access resources on the local network but cannot communicate with other networks. If the address is correct but the router is malfunctioning, the other computers on the local network experience the same problem. Dns servers
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On the Public Network page, select the Do not dial the initial connection option, and then click Next.
Session.Add("VendorID", VendorID)
SQL Server 2005 Architecture and Internals
HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MMC\ {DAB1A262 4FD7 11D1 842C 00C04FB6C218}\Restrict_Run
As you can see in Figure 10-3, the service instance is actually loaded into a Context object, and the session information routes client messages not to the specific instance but to the context. When a session is created, the service host creates a new context. This context is terminated when the session ends. This means that the lifetime of the context matches the instance hosted within it by default. WCF enables the developer of the service to separate the two lifetimes. WCF goes a step further in that you can create a context that has no instance at all. The way to control context deactivation is through the ReleaseInstanceMode property of the OperationBehavior attribute. You can set various values in that ReleaseInstanceMode to identify when the service instance should be released in relation to a particular method control. The choices are BeforeCall, AfterCall, BeforeAndAfterCall, or None. The default release mode is None. This means that the service instance continues to exist as method requests arrive and processes are returned. This is the mode that you have come to expect from a service instance.
Lesson 2: Designing Filegroups
Take a Practice Test
Which log, and which type of event, will provide the information you require
In this exercise, you will create a new SSIS project and then work with a couple of SSIS packages by adding data sources and connections.
A. Monday s tape B. Tuesday s tape C. Wednesday s tape D. Thursday s tape E. Friday s tape
Managing Users, Computers, and Groups (2.0)
Browse and enter the name and location of the new Exchange database file (file type .edb) for the public folder. You need to mount a database before you can use it, so typically you would select the Mount This Database check box. This mounts the database at the completion of the wizard. To create the database, click New. The Completion page appears, indicating whether the public folder database was created successfully. This page also displays the Exchange Management Shell command that was used to create the public folder database. When you have created a public folder database, you then use Exchange Management Shell to create a new public folder. To create a new public folder in the root of the public folder tree on a mailbox server that has a public folder database, enter the Exchange Management Shell command New-PublicFolder -Name <name of public folder>. You do this in the practice session later in this lesson. To create a new public folder you need to be a domain administrator or a local administrator on the Exchange Server 2007 server or be added to at least the Exchange Server Administrator role. The Exchange Management Shell command to create a new public folder has the syntax New-PublicFolder -Name <String> [-DomainController <Fqdn>] [-Path <PublicFolderIdParameter>] [-Server <ServerIdParameter>].
The generic collections that are shown in this lesson all support iterating over the values in the collection. To facilitate iteration, each collection supports its own generic nested Enumerator structure. This enumerator structure is specialized to the same type s parent class. If you need to use the actual enumerator instead of the foreach construct, you can get the enumerator by calling the GetEnumerator method like so:
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