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Objective 3.4 Answers 1.
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Enable Netmask Ordering
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By eliminating all the changes that introduce new elements into the database, a data base code deployment that is dependent on new application code is reduced to only the set of objects that are replacing already-existing objects.
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Configure Quotas
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Rooslan is the systems administrator at a medium-sized organization that has 400 employees located at two sites. At 2 A.M. each day, a full backup, including System State data, is taken of the three Windows Server 2003 domain controllers on the network. One morning, Foley, a junior administrator who works for Rooslan, accidentally deleted three organizational units (OUs) from Active Directory. Foley did not discover his mistake until several hours later, by which time the mistake had replicated to the other domain controllers. No other changes have been made to the Active Directory database in the last 24 hours, so Rooslan decided to restore the System State data from the backup that was taken at 2 A.M. Which type of restore will return the three deleted OUs to the Active Directory database
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Compression issues are usually related to disk space issues, moving files, and conflicts with open files. To troubleshoot compression issues, remember the following:
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It is not just important to have policies on computers for the management of data retention. Written policies must also exist. If e-mail records are subpoenaed, it has to be clear how long e-mail is stored at your organization. If an organization s written retention policy is substantially different from what is implemented in practice, the organization could face additional problems in court. Ensure that your implementation follows the written policy as closely as possible. You do not want to be accused of allowing the deletion of important e-mail that should have been stored according to your company s policies.
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Security Alert
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By aligning the storage, rows in a table along with the indexes dependent upon the rows are stored in the same filegroups. This ensures that if a single partition is backed up or restored, the data and corresponding indexes will be kept together as a single unit.
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To use the Create method, call the static Create method of the PerformanceCounterCategory class, passing in the CategoryName, CategoryHelp, CategoryType, CounterName,
Tool Name RepAdmin.exe Server Manager Windows Server Backup
Lesson 2 Practice: Identify Tasks in a Corporate Environment
Page 2-50
For details about all the practice test options available, see the section entitled How to Use the Practice Tests in the Introduction to this book.
Lesson 3: Troubleshooting Local Security Settings
You can implement localization that is, provide a user interface that is specific to the current locale by using the built-in localization features of Visual Studio. Visual Stu dio allows you to create alternative versions of forms that are culture-specific and automatically manages retrieval of resources appropriate for the culture.
aWriter = XmlWriter.Create(parameter, mySettings)
AD DS is not the only component of IDA that is supported by Windows Server 2008. With the release of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft has consolidated a number of previously separate components into an integrated IDA platform. Active Directory itself now includes five technologies, each of which can be identified with a keyword that identifies the purpose of the technology, as shown in Figure 1-1.
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of this book.
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