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' VB ConfigurationManager.GetSection("MyFirstSection/DemoValues") as ValuesHandler // C# ConfigurationManager.GetSection("MyFirstSection/DemoValues") as ValuesHandler;
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Case Scenario Exercises
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upgrade path from ISA Server 2000, Enterprise Edition, to ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition. Most ISA Server 2000 configuration information will be upgraded to ISA Server 2004.
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Lesson Summary
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HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ActiveDesktop\ NoAddingComponents
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The second method for reinstating inheritance is from the parent folder. In the Advanced Security Settings dialog box of a folder, you may select the check box, Replace Permission Entries On All Child Objects With Entries Shown Here That Apply To Child Objects. The result: all ACLs on subfolders and files are removed. The permis sions on the parent are applied. You might see this as blasting through the parent s permissions. After applying this option, any explicit permission that had been applied to subfolders and files is removed, unlike the method used for reinstating inheritance on the child resources. Inheritance is restored, so any changes to the parent-folder ACL are propagated to its subfolders and files. At this point, you might set new, explicit permissions on subfolders or files. The Replace Permissions option does its job when you apply it, but does not continuously enforce parent permissions.
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If you take some time to examine the binary numbers and the decimal values they represent (shown in Table 1-4), you ll come to understand how they are derived. This understanding will be much more useful to you than memorizing values.
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The preceding code creates one appSettings value and one connectionStrings value. The appSettings value is named Foo and contains the literal Hello World . The connectionString value is named AdventureWorksString and contains a connection string that can be used to connect to a SQL Server database. The approach to using an appSettings section is straightforward. You specify a key, which is a name that you ll use to uniquely identify that setting so that it can be retrieved, and you specify a value. The sole purpose of the key is to provide a humanreadable means by which you can retrieve a given value. In this example, the word Foo might be a bit cryptic, so a better example might be CompanyName. By reading the configuration file, most anyone should be able to figure out what a key named CompanyName refers to. Although the ConfigurationSettings class is obsolete, the AppSettings property is still a part of it for backward compatibility. There are additional ways, however, to reference it under .NET Framework 2.0. The following code illustrates a simple example of how to retrieve an AppSettings value.
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You can use Set-PublicFolder Exchange Management Shell cmdlet to configure public folder properties that are not mail related. You cannot, however, use this cmdlet to mail-enable or mail-disable a public folder. Table 4-1 gives examples of the use of this cmdlet.
When you create the data source for your data-driven subscription, you must manually prepare the type of delivery method, rendering format, and other options you select for standard subscriptions through Report Manager. You can easily find the values for the report parameters you need if you run the report manually in Report Manager. If a parameter gets the value from a static drop-down list, you have the list of all possible parameters. If the parameter list comes from a query, you can
These variables support all arithmetic operations. Examples include amounts and quantities.
D. Incorrect: Being able to read the attributes of the folders will not allow access to
Lesson 5: Sending and Receiving Messages
Practice 1: Share a folder using Simple File Sharing in Windows XP. Practice 2: Create a new local user and a new local group on a computer run ning Windows XP. Make the new user a member of the new group.
string myPath;
Lesson 3: The Asynchronous Programming Model
Subcomponent Connection Manager Administration Kit
This task enables a user to view and terminate running jobs.
18. Click the Get Products button, and ensure that the products are displayed. 19. Return to the Web Application Stress Tool, and click Stop Recording. This will create a new recorded script that you can use to simulate user activity. Do not close the Web Application Stress Tool. 20. Return to the Trace Properties dialog box, and click Run to start the trace. Do not close or stop the SQL Server Profiler trace.
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