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Implementing Security at Design Time
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On the New Distribution Group page, you can review the configuration summary. Click Back if you want to make any changes. Otherwise, click New to create the universal distribution group. On the Completion page, the summary displays the Exchange Management Shell command that was used to create the distribution group. You can copy the page by pressing Ctrl+C and paste the information into a text editor. You can then copy the Exchange Management Shell command, paste it into a text file, and modify it to create additional universal distribution groups. Click Finish to close the wizard.
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WINS reverse lookup (WINS-R) resource record
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Table 5-2
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14. Click Turn Windows Features On Or Off. 15. Click Continue to close the User Account Control dialog box. 16. Verify that the Telnet Server and TFTP Client components that were enabled in Practice 1 are no longer active on the computer. 17. Click OK to close the Windows Features dialog box.
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EnableSession:=True)> _
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1. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: Network Adapters can be discovered using WMI. B. Incorrect: Logical drives can be discovered and interrogated using WMI. C. Correct: Although some database information can be retrieved using WMI, a list of all OleDb-compliant databases cannot be determined using the WMI query syntax D. Incorrect: A list of Windows Services running on a machine, and their respective states, can be queried via WMI.
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Do you know what these key terms mean You can check your answers by looking up the terms in the glossary at the end of the book.
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Questions and Answers
1. 2.
On the Database Mail Configuration Wizard Welcome page, review the information, and click Next. On the Select Configuration Task page, verify that the Set up Database Mail by performing the Following Tasks option is selected, and then click Next.
Configure Public Folder E-Mail Settings
The eBook
The FREETEXT query returns 16 rows of data as opposed to the 14 rows that the CONTAINS query returns.
If two endpoints have identical contract names and addresses, the counter values will be accumulated in a single counter instance.
The data-mining features available with SQL Servers Analysis Services (SSAS) enable you to locate trends in large sets of data for the purpose of making predictions. You could utilize SSAS to create a data-mining solution that processed the sales history data and predicted what products the customer would likely purchase. In order to keep the recommendations up-to-date, and based on the latest sales data, the datamining solution would need to be automated so that it was re-processed on a nightly or even hourly basis. Analysis Management Objects (AMO) could be used to accomplish this task. Not only could you develop code that automated the processing of the mining model, but this code could be added to your ASP.NET application to query the mining model for predictions. These predictions would then be presented to the customer as customized product recommendations.
folders, but need to have access to the files in the Reports folder.
Design Evaluation
Lesson Review
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