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Obtaining TCP/IP Settings Automatically By default, TCP/IP is configured to obtain an IP address automatically in Windows XP. When TCP/IP is configured to obtain an IP address automatically, it first attempts to locate a Dynamic Host Configuration Pro tocol (DHCP) server on the network. The DHCP server can be a Windows server or a third-party DHCP service (often built into routers). Administrators configure the DHCP server with a range of IP addresses and other TCP/IP configuration parameters that it will automatically assign to clients. In addition to IP addresses, DHCP servers can assign a subnet mask, default gateway, DNS and WINS configuration, and a variety of other parameters. DHCP servers lease clients their IP configuration for a period of time specified by the DHCP administrator. (The default lease duration for a Windows-based DHCP server is
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optionally configure a job to execute on a scheduled basis or in response to a user action or condition in the system.
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Figure 15-17 A BSS, or infrastructure wireless network, has wireless stations that communicate through an AP .
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In this exercise, you will create a queue, add items to it, and empty the queue to the console window. 1. Create a new console application called SequentialCollections. 2. In the main code file, include (or import for Visual Basic) the System.Collections namespace. 3. In the Main method of the project, create a new instance of the Queue class.
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Configuring and Troubleshooting the Desktop and User Environments (4.0)
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Define Administrative Roles
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Lesson 3
Number of lock requests per second that required the caller to Number of lock requests per second that resulted in a
Figure 2-3: Selecting a configuration pass 12. Under Settings, select the appropriate setting and, in the right column, enter the appropriate value. Typical values are shown in Table 2-3 (for example, the table shows entries for the English-US Locale). Figure 2-4 shows the Windows SIM dialog box Table 2-3: Adding Component Values
To add output from a project to a deployment project
Many of the issues with source code control were related to the lack of support within SQL Server tools. If you used Microsoft Visual Studio or any number of third-party products, source code control was built right into the development tool. SSMS introduces integrated source code control within the Query window. After you have installed source code control components, you can configure source control integration by performing the following steps: 1. On the Tools menu in SSMS, choose Options, select Source Control, and then select Plug-In Selection. 2. Select your source control product. After you have configured source control integration, you can interact directly with source code control projects to add files as well as check-in/check-out.
Adding references to projects within a solution. A basic understanding of remoting methodologies (XML Web services, DCOM, .NET Remoting, CORBA, and so on). A basic understanding of COM+. A basic understanding of queuing technologies such as Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ). A basic understanding of distributed transactions. A basic understanding of ADO.NET.
A short-term solution is in place that enables the system to be fully recovered from any outage within two business days with a maximum data loss of one hour. In the event of a major disaster, the business can survive the loss of up to two days of data. A maintenance window between the hours of midnight and 08:00 on Sunday is avail able to make any changes. A longer-term solution needs to be created that will protect the company from hard ware failures with a maximum outage of less than one minute being required.
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21. To finish running the application, press Enter without typing in a phone number.
Lessons in this chapter:
3. Because there is only one Internet connection, and each computer must have Internet access, you have decided to use ICS to share Internet access among the computers. The connection you have been provided requires that the computer be configured to accept a leased IP address from a DHCP server. How would you configure this
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