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queue.Send(msg, MessageQueueTransactionType.Single);
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Recovering from System Failure
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Fsutil Perform a variety of tasks related to managing FAT, FAT32, or NTFS volumes. Mountvol Manages mounted volumes and reparse points.
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Setting Up and Managing User Accounts
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End Module
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Performance Monitoring
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Most of the services that are installed by Windows Server 2003 run under the Local Sys tem context; that is, the special Local System account controls when the service should be started and stopped. However, additionally loaded services (usually by Microsoft or third-party applications) run under potentially different contexts. Often, when the ser vice is being loaded, the administrator is asked for specific credentials under which the service is run. This way, instead of providing the service unobstructed access to the system by means of the special System account, the service is restricted to the context of the user the administrator provides. Sometimes this account is a local user to the computer (say, a local administrator account); other times, the account has even fewer privileges. The level of access required depends on the requirements of the application and the services it installs. The best approach, however, is to provide to the account only the least amount of access that is required. For instance, if the service account could start with a local user account, you should not necessarily make the account a local administrator account simply because it is going to be used to control a service. Consult your installation doc umentation for specific rights required for each application you are planning to load.
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The practice tests on this book s companion CD offer many options. For example, you can test yourself on just one exam objective, or you can test yourself on all the 70-620 certification exam content. You can set up the test so that it closely simulates the experience of taking a certification exam, or you can set it up in study mode so that you can look at the correct answers and explanations after you answer each question.
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Figure 12-2
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figure 13-2 During installation, you can specify whether to use the default configuration or to use SharePoint as the report management tool, or you can install SSRS without configuring it.
Lesson 1
figure 4-8 Create a new job and then a new job step with the Type set to SQL Server Integration
The collection phase requires that you use Application Compatibility Manager to create data collection packages (DCPs). DCPs are agents that you deploy to your workstations as Windows Installer (MSI) files. A DCP can contain any of the following components, called compatibility evaluators:
away, Ian decides that he wants to make a contribution. Kim is able to take control of the application by using the Take Control menu option and then delegating control to Ian.
Deploying an Application
Figure 9-3
Lesson Review
The certificate on the internal Web server is not valid on the date of the request. The Certification Authority that issued the Web site certificate for the internal Web server is not trusted by the ISA Server 2004 firewall. The server name provided on the Web publishing rule To tab does not match the name on the certificate installed on the published Web site.
Lesson Review
Note that if you want to add a separator to a top-level menu, you must do so program matically by creating a new instance of the ToolStripSeparator control and inserting it into the correct location in the MenuStrip.Items collection, as shown here:
Table 2-30 GZipStream Properties
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