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In this lab you will practice enumerating the SQL Servers on your network.
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Monitoring Microsoft Windows Server 2003
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across a browsing session. It is not related to blocking the browser from storing cookie and browsing history data.
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Case Scenario 2: Refining the Use of Web Services
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Active Directory Computers Objects
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Developing SSRS Reports
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Identity Network
Administering Shared Folders
Instead of using the specific term server to refer to a node, we prefer to use piece of hardware. A server is considered to be a single piece of physical hardware that is installed and capable of run ning an operating system. However, servers exist in the marketplace (such as the Unisys ES7000) that are capable of more-advanced configurations. On these advanced hardware platforms, it is possible to configure a subset of the hardware resources as a machine that is then exposed as a server. These configurations are indistinguishable from a regular physical server that is installed in a data center. Additionally, it is possible to configure multiple machines within a single chassis and then cluster those machines for redundancy. Subsequently, in this chapter we refer to a node with the generic term server, which can mean either a physical machine or one of these virtual machines.
After you build your clustered index, you can create nonclustered indexes on the table. In contrast with a clustered index, a nonclustered index does not force a sort order on the data in a table. In addition, you can create multiple nonclustered indexes to most efficiently return results based on the most common queries you execute against the table. In this lesson, you will see how to create nonclustered indexes, including how to build a covering index that can satisfy a query by itself. And you will learn the importance of balancing the number of indexes you create with the overhead needed to maintain them.
Transport Layer
Use Task Manager to confirm that your system is
6. In the Add Language dialog box, select a language, and click OK.
10. Select a previous version of the folder that is likely to contain the file you want to restore, as shown in Figure 14-30, and then click Open.
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