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Compare the costs and benefits of 64-bit processors as opposed to 32-bit processors. Describe advanced memory options such as /3GB and AWE.
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1. Open a SQL Server PowerShell session. 2. In the SQL Server PowerShell window, right-click the title bar, and click
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Figure 9-7 Filtering by identity
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You are preparing your server s external interface for the installation of ISA Server 2004 and have run into some problems. Prior to the installation of ISA Server 2004, you were unable to use the external interface connection to download the latest updates to Windows Server 2003 from the Windows Update servers. The TCP/IP Properties of the external interface are shown here.
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The Better model addresses the need to make your application touch aware and provide better touch and multitouch support to your application than the default legacy support that was explained in the previous section. The Better model is focused on adding gestures support, as well as making other behavior and user interface (UI) changes so that applications are more touch friendly and go beyond simple gesture support. The example we mentioned at the beginning of this chapter is the touch-optimized taskbar jump lists. In this case, the taskbar is responding to single-finger gestures (flicks) and not multiple-finger gestures (touch), but still we get a touch-optimized experience. In fact the taskbar is not using any Windows 7 multitouch APIs. To trace the origin of the input message, identify it as a touch-related message, and respond accordingly, the taskbar uses the GetMessageExtraInfo function. When your application receives a mouse message (such as WM_LBUTTONDOWN), it might call the Win32 API GetMessageExtraInfo function to evaluate whether the message originated from a pen or a mouse device. The value returned from GetMessageExtraInfo needs to be mask-checked against 0xFFFFFF0 and then compared with 0xFF515700. If the comparison is true, this mouse message was generated by a touch-sensitive device. However, the most common scenario in the Better model is gesture support. You can use gestures to enhance your application and provide better touch and multitouch support. Applications that respond to gestures directly have full control over how they behave when users are touching the touch-enabled device. For example, Windows 7 ships with a photo viewer, the Windows Photo Viewer. One of the nice things about using the gestures APIs, rather than relying on the legacy support that the operating system provides, is that you can get extra information about the performed gesture. In the Photo Viewer application, you can get specific information about the location where the zoom gesture occurred in the image. That is, the zoom gesture contains information about the center point specific X, Y coordinates of the zoom gesture. Photo Viewer can therefore focus on the center of the gesture; whereas with the legacy support the center of the zoom is, by default, the center of the control. The Windows Photo Viewer application also uses panning and rotation gestures to deliver an excellent overall image-viewing experience with relatively little effort.
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A. The fonts chosen for new mail, for replying, and for forwarding are not installed on the computer or are corrupt. Reinstall the fonts. B. The display settings on the computer are set to 800 x 600 pixels. Reconfigure the display settings to 1024 x 768. C. The mail format settings are configured to compose messages in plain text. Configure them to use HTML or rich text. D. The advanced settings for Internet Format (on the Mail Format tab of the Options dialog box) are set to encode attachments in UUENCODE format when a plain text message is sent.
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demoEnvelope.Context.Addressing.Action = _
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Introduction to the System.Drawing Namespaces
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BinaryFormatter deserialization serialization
You can think of a Web service application in the same way that you think of a regular ASP.NET application. The primary difference between a Web service application and an ASP.NET application is the interface. ASP.NET applications utilize traditional graphical user interface (GUI) elements, such as text boxes and labels. An XML Web service application has none of these elements. Instead, it relies on help pages and dis covery files to interface with its users. The user of a Web service is typically another application, so no traditional user interface is necessary. Web services are especially useful for applications that must expose key pieces of their data or functionality to outside and unknown sources. For instance, a retail company can utilize a complex application to manage sales and inventory. There is likely a need for outside vendors to access inventory levels specific to the products they provide. The retail company could expose a Web service method that allowed specific vendors to access this information in the form of an XML dataset. The retail company would not need to provide an interface specific to each vendor s operating platform. Instead, they would only be responsible for exposing one Web service method that all vendors could utilize.
Correct Answer: B
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5. After enabling Internet Connection Sharing, what IP address will the host computer assign itself for the wireless network connection on the private network
a. Correct: By running the Litetouch.vbs script from an existing Windows installation, the
Accessing E-Mail When Offline
<Assembly: PrintingPermission(SecurityAction.RequestMinimum)>
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