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Lesson 1: Designing a Lite-Touch Deployment
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The design phase of the deployment project was not completed correctly. During the design phase, you should identify all Web sites that need to be available on the Internet and configure the ISA Server computer to publish those sites. To make the site available, you need to determine the security requirements for the site. For example, does the site require SSL or authentication Once you have gathered the requirements, you can create the appropriate Web publishing rule to make the Web server available from the Internet.
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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Lesson 1: Understanding the Windows 7 Deployment Process code 39 generator software
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Installing Windows XP
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Description Controls the name of the serialized header element. Supplies a namespace for the header element and its children unless otherwise overridden at the type level.
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Recovering from System Failure
Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Real World
Figure 5-32
Once you have decided how to create the structure of your forest and domains, turn your attention to the naming of the elements in that structure. This lesson looks at the use of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), at the various names used in Active Directory, and at how to create a naming strategy for your network.
Modifying Data The INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE Statements
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