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A first-level OU named Clients. Two computer objects, DESKTOP154 and DESKTOP155, in the Clients OU. An OU named Desktops and an OU named Laptops in the Clients OU. A first-level OU named People. User accounts in the People OU for Linda Mitchell and Scott Mitchell. Populate sample contact information for the accounts: address, telephone, and e-mail. A first-level OU named Groups. A group in the Groups OU named Sales Desktops. Manage Computer Objects
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In the previous sample, the ComboBox contains odd and even numbers with red and green bullets that mark this characteristic. You could use categories to create two groups of numbers. To use categories, you need to create a category collection; in this case, the collection will have an odd numbers entry with a category ID of 0 (zero) and an even numbers entry with a category ID of 1. For each of the entries in the ComboBox, you need to return the correct category ID. The following sample does that:
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Troubleshooting wizards are available to help diagnose hardware failure and problems with device drivers. You can use performance counters to measure stress on server resources and particularly to the four main subsystems: processor, memory, disk, and network. You can configure an alert to trigger when a counter value exceeds or falls below a specified threshold. You can use Event Viewer to monitor event logs. You can also monitor event logs by using PowerShell commands and scripts. You can use Network Monitor to view network traffic on your servers and HTTPMon to monitor OWA servers. Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant tools include Database Recovery Management, Database Troubleshooter, Mail Flow Troubleshooter, Message Tracking, and Performance Troubleshooter.
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$objOU=[ADSI]"LDAP://OU=People,DC=contoso,DC=com" $objUser=$objOU.Create("user","CN=Scott Mitchell") $objUser.Put("sAMAccountName","scott.mitchell") $objUser.SetInfo()
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C. Run the Device Manager and select the network card that has the yellow and black code 39 generator source code
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In the following case scenario you will apply what you ve learned in this chapter. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book. Contoso Limited, a health care company located in Bothell, WA, has completed the initial design of its new patient claims database. All the table structures are defined, along with the necessary indexes, views, and partitioning. The company now has to implement all the rest of the parts of the application, including auditing all changes, calculating patient risk scores (a common calculation), and providing access to the data. What should Contoso be designing in the database
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There are two places within an application where exceptions should be handled not specific places (only two would be too much to ask for), but places in general. The distinction between the two relates to the reasons why exceptions should be handled in the first place. So let s first consider when an exception should be handled. And there are only four instances where an exception should be caught within any method.
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3. Which of the following statements about disk quotas in Windows XP Professional is correct (Choose all that apply.) a. Disk quotas can be applied only to Windows XP Professional NTFS volumes. b. Disk quotas can be applied to any Windows XP Professional volume. c. You must be logged on with the Administrator user account to configure default quota management settings. d. Members of the Administrators and Power Users groups can configure quota management settings.
Backing Up Data
figURE 4-6 The Group Policy Starter GPO Editor console
3. You have configured a script to run with a set of user credentials when an alert threshold is reached. Later you discover that the alerts are triggering, but that your script is not running. What is the most likely cause
Connecting Instance
Table 4-3
// Sets the relative location in the containing control or form
1. Log on to Windows XP.
Figure 3-4
Database Engine Error Attributes
To improve performance or fault tolerance, consider storing backups on a RAID array.
remote endpoint
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