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Ping When you configure a connectivity verifier to use this method, ISA Server sends an ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to the specified server and waits for an ICMP ECHO_REPLY. This test checks for simple network connectivity. TCP connection When you configure a verifier to use this method, ISA Server tries to establish a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection using a specified port number on the specified server. For example, if you are testing connectivity with a domain controller, ISA Server will try to establish a connection using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) port (Port 389). This test not only checks for network connectivity but also verifies that a specific service is running on the server and can be reached by ISA Server. HTTP GET request When you configure a verifier to use this method, ISA Server sends an HTTP GET request to the specified server or URL and waits for the reply. This tests for network connectivity and verifies that a Web server is running on the destination server and can be reached by ISA Server. When you configure a connectivity verifier that issues an HTTP request to check connectivity, ISA Server enables a system policy rule that allows Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) traffic from the Local Host network to All Networks.
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Directory Business Continuity
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Loopback addresses IP addresses that have 127 in the first octet are called loopback addresses. The most commonly used loopback address is Loopback addresses are used for testing TCP/IP configuration and cannot be assigned to individual hosts on a TCP/IP network.
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use the Data Mining Wizard
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Configuring Recipients, Groups, and Mailboxes
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The internet layer of the TCP/IP model is the step in the communication process dur ing which information is packaged, addressed, and routed to network destinations. ARP, IP, and ICMP are examples of internet-layer protocols within the TCP/IP suite.
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When you set a password using the AdminPassword setting in the [GuiUnattended] section, Windows XP uses that password to log the local Administrator on to it. However, if you encrypt the password and set EncryptedAdminPassword=Yes, Windows XP disables this feature. It's a trade off between security and deployment convenience. Don't panic, though; when Windows XP finishes installing, it removes the password from any local copies of the answer file, such as %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\$winnt$.sif.
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Figure 1-6
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Dim sanitizedInput As String =
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asynchronous processing
11. Close the GPMC. 12. Return to the issuing CA and move to Server Manager to set the default action your issuing CA will use when it receives certificate requests. 13. Right-click the issuing CA server name under AD CS and choose Properties. 14. Click the Policy Module tab and click the Properties button. 15. To have certificates issued automatically, select Follow The Settings In The Certificate Template, If Applicable. Otherwise, Automatically Issue The Certificate. Click OK. 16. Click OK once again to close the Properties dialog box.
Availability and Recoverability Evaluation
f. Account Operators on the server
Lesson Summary
Lesson 3
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Database mirroring
f. Which UDP port is used as the source port when sending information from the DHCP server and as the destination port when sending information to the DHCP server
Each disclaimer can have unique text. This text can be formatted using different fonts, font sizes, and colors. Disclaimers can be configured to use the Arial, Courier New, or Veranda fonts. Disclaimers can be placed in different locations within the message body. For example, it is possible to place a disclaimer at the beginning of a message or to place a disclaimer at the end of a message. In the event that a disclaimer cannot be directly inserted into a message, for example, when the message is encrypted, you can configure Exchange to wrap the encrypted message with an attached disclaimer. Alternatively, you can configure the hub transport server to reject the message if a disclaimer cannot be added or allow the message to be transmitted without the disclaimer.
// Adds a new menu item by specifying text
1. What type of update requires elevated privileges to download and install 2. What updates cannot be installed at the same time as other updates Quick Check Answers 1. Optional 2. Stand-alone or exclusive updates
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