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Use the KEYNAME keyword within a category to define which subkey of HKCU or HKLM (depending on the CLASS keyword) contains the value you're changing. Do not include a root key in the path because the CLASS keyword defines it. If the name contains spaces, you must enclose the string in double quotation marks. The example in the previous section, "CATEGORY" shows how to use the KEYNAME keyword.
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An owner of a file reports that users can On the Sharing tab of the shared folder, select the access the file but cannot make changes. Allow Network Users To Change My Files check box. She wants users to be able to make changes. The owner of a file dragged the file to Users are logging on to a domain. Users will need to log on to the workgroup to access the file. the Shared Documents folder and logged off the computer. When others log on, no one can access or even view the Shared Documents folder. A user wants to share a file and assign specific permissions from the Security tab. However, the Security tab is not available. With Simple File Sharing, the Security tab is not available. This is by design.
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Lesson Review
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If your application is sending user names and passwords in clear text across the network, Network Monitor will make that weakness painfully obvious. Several no-cost tools are available that perform the same type of protocol analysis, so attackers won t have any problem re-creating your test and using the information against you. Network Monitor makes it obvious that your application exposes private information only when you use the clear text format. For example, anyone can manually decode ROT13 (which rotates characters 13 letters through the alphabet), but Network Monitor won t help you out. Early in my career I spent some time studying Request For Comments (RFCs), especially those relating to Web communications. The RFCs taught me that basic user authentication between a browser and a Web server uses Base64 encoding, but every other piece of documentation I read said that the password was transmitted in clear text. To reconcile this, I pulled up Network Monitor and captured an authentication attempt. I quickly found where the password was in the packet, but it was definitely not in clear text it appeared to be gibberish. I knew that Base64 encoding could be decoded without a password or key, but not simply. Eventually, I wrote a Perl script to do the conversion and verified that it was, indeed, easy to identify the raw password. To the untrained eye, the weakest of encryption techniques, or even reversible encoding, appears to be encrypted. In short, you can use Network Monitor to detect only obvious, glaring communications vulnerabilities. However, you not seeing any problems doesn t mean a sophisticated attacker can t find a weakness.
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Describe the types of accounts available in Active Directory. Create a strategy for implementing user accounts. Create a strategy for implementing groups.
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To assign permissions to a given Windows user or group, follow these steps:
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figURE 12-2 The Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties sheet
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Remote service binding Provides security to dialogs connecting to remote databases. Route Defines where to deliver Service Broker messages. If not specified, the AutoCreatedLocal route is used. Row identifier (RiD) A numeric value representing a physical location within a heap and page.
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Suppresses the appearance of the broken window
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TSQL endpoints do not have any additional configuration options beyond the univer sal TCP settings.
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Lesson 1: Navigating the File System
Table 12-5
Analyzing an Existing Infrastructure
There are several ways to write the code. However, the following code would work:
Installing Windows XP
4. By default, Windows XP Professional displays the last user name to log on to the computer in the Windows Security dialog box. Why is this considered a security risk, and what can you do to resolve it
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The Registry is a hierarchical database that contains a variety of different types of data, including descriptions of the following:
5. Click Next. Windows closes all open programs and logs off all users. Windows then restores the restore point and restarts. 6. Log on to Windows . After you log on, Windows displays the Restoration Complete page. 7. Click OK.
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