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Prepare for the Exam
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Description Contains an informative message about the validation event. Describes the severity of the event, either Warning or Error. If the severity is Error, an exception will be thrown if this event is not handled.
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Windows Forms and the User Interface
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Public Folder Subtree
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PF Usage Page File Usage History
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Typically, you will only use ODBC or OLE DB when your development language is C++. However, if you have a compelling reason to use ODBC with Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET, an add-on component is provided. For more information about using ODBC with Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET, refer to the MSDN articles at and http://support
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e.ExceptionObject.GetType().FullName) Console.WriteLine("Message: {0}", CType(e.ExceptionObject, _ Exception).Message) Console.WriteLine("Stack Trace: {0}", CType(e.ExceptionObject, _ Exception).StackTrace) Console.ReadLine() End Sub // C# static void UnhandledExceptionHandler(object sender, UnhandledExceptionEventArgs e) { Console.WriteLine("An unhandled exception({0}) occurred.", e.ExceptionObject.GetType().FullName); Console.WriteLine("Message: {0}", ((Exception)e.ExceptionObject).Message); Console.WriteLine("Stack Trace: {0}", ((Exception)e.ExceptionObject).StackTrace); Console.ReadLine(); }
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Orin Thomas When disaster hits, remember to stay calm. Some of your workmates will panic, but you need to keep your head on straight. Your sole concern is getting things running again as soon as possible. As a smart DBA, you will have developed a disaster recovery strategy and you ll know exactly what steps you need to take. You ll have a supply of replacement hard disk drives to swap out for the ones that failed, or you ll have a standby server that has been quietly idling away in the server room for the last year doing nothing except keeping mirrored copies of the databases that are critical to your organization s operation. Stay calm, and remember that you already know what can go wrong and how to resolve it it is just a matter of putting theory into practice.
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Table 8-9
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If you plan to use a shared network printer, connect the printer to the ICS host computer.
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Stop replication
-- Connection 2 BEGIN TRAN; UPDATE Test.TestTable SET Col2 = Col2 + 1 WHERE Col1 = 1;
At the report server level, SSRS contains properties that apply to the overall instance such as logging, enabling My Reports, and security. Some of these properties are found in the Site Settings link in Report Manager. However, other properties are accessible through SSMS when connected to an SSRS instance. After connecting to SSRS in SSMS, right-click the report server instance, and then select Properties. Figure 13-10 shows the Advanced property page of the Server Properties dialog box and some of the properties that you can configure.
Sound Options
The template account should not be used to log on to the network, so be sure to disable the account.
B. Correct: Gpupdate.exe retrieves the latest GPOs and applies them to a workstation. c. Incorrect: Group Policy Management Console cannot make sure that a workstation has
You would typically enter the command on the Mailbox server that hosts Don Hall s mailbox. If you choose to enter the command from another computer, you can use the
User Prevent HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsMediaPlayer\PreventCodecDownload Configuration\Administrative Codec Templates\Windows Download Components\Windows Media Player\Playback User Hide Configuration\Administrative Network Templates\Windows Tab Components\Windows Media Player\Networking HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsMediaPlayer\HideNetworkTab
' VB Public Class CustomAuthenticator Inherits UserNamePasswordValidator Public Overrides Sub Validate(userName As String, password As String) If (userName <> "anyuser" OR password <> "good") Then Throw New SecurityTokenValidationException("Invalid credentials") End If End Sub End Class // C# public class CustomAuthenticator : UserNamePasswordValidator { public override void Validate(string userName, string password) { if (userName != "anyuser" || password != "good") throw new SecurityTokenValidationException("Invalid credentials"); } }
ws2007FederationHttpBinding Provides the same functionality as ws2007HttpBinding along with the support for WS-Federation. ws2007HttpBinding Defines a binding that provides support for the correct versions of security, reliable session, and transaction flow binding elements.
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