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Examine the command used as an example at the beginning of the chapter:
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Failure Diagnosis
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Dedicated Forest Root Domain
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get { return mClicks; }
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4. Use the System program in Control Panel to copy the user profile to the Default User profile, as shown in Figure 3-6. Be certain to indicate that the Everyone group is Permitted To Use the profile.
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Windows provides command-line utilities that perform functionality similar to that of user interface tools, such as the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. Many of those commands begin with the letters DS, so they are often referred to as the DS commands. Dsquery can locate objects in Active Directory. Dsquery, like other DS commands, is well documented. Type dsquery.exe / to learn its syntax and usage. Most DS commands are used by specifying the object class you want the command to work against. For example, you would type dsquery user to look for a user, whereas Dsquery computer, Dsquery group, and Dsquery ou would query for their respective object types. Following the object type specifier, you can use switches to indicate the criteria for the query. Each object can be located by its name, for example, with the -name switch. Most objects can
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SELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX('AdventureWorks', 'Recovery');
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// C# string[] files = userStore.GetFileNames("UserSettings.set"); if (files.Length == 0) { // ... }
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Appendix B
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Quick Check Answer
Disk Configuration
Page 6-11
The resulting MinimalRibbon.res is a binary resource file that can be linked to an executable or dynamic-link library (DLL). Because the Ribbon uses string tables, it is easy to localize it. You can also create a resource-only DLL for each language. You can use the LINK.EXE command, which is part of VC++:
The wizard s final page displays the deployment results. Click Finish to complete the deployment.
Working with Data in a Connected Environment
Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) provides support for IP multicasting, which is the transmission of an IP datagram to a host group that is, a number of hosts identified by a single multicast IP destination address. For example, an Active Directory directory service domain controller uses multicasting to replicate Active Directory information to other domain controllers.
TCP/IP is the required protocol for Windows Server 2003. An important part of TCP/IP that must be understood is IP addressing. You need to configure all of your client workstations, printers, servers, and so forth, with unique IP addresses. IP addresses are made up of four bytes, called octets, which represent both a network address and a host address. Depending on the decimal value of the first byte, you can determine the TCP/IP address class from which the IP address is a member. Class A addresses allow for the most host addresses, whereas Class C addresses allow for the most subnets. Classes A, B, and C have default subnet masks of,, and, respectively. The subnet mask is used to determine the network ID portion of an IP address. Borrowing bits from the host portion of an IP address to create additional subnets is called subnetting. You determine the number of bits you need to borrow based on the amount of subnets you need to create and the number of available host addresses you need in each of the subnets.
SQL Server 2005 Architecture and Internals
You have been documenting performance on several Windows Server 2003 systems. Specifically, you have been interested in the disk read and write speeds with various disk configurations including mirroring, striping, spanning, and RAID-5 all controlled by the Windows Server 2003 software. You run some tests on various configurations to understand which of them offer performance benefits over simple volumes and which do not. Which of the following statements about the various disk configurations and their performance is correct (Select all that apply.) A. Disk mirroring offers approximately similar read/write performance to a simple volume. B. Disk striping offers better read/write performance than RAID-5. C. Disk striping (RAID-0) offers better read/write performance than disk spanning. D. Disk spanning offers better read/write performance than disk striping. E. Disk striping offers better read/write performance than a simple volume.
8. Click Do Not Limit Disk Usage. If you want to place the same quota limit on all users of this computer, you use the Limit Disk Usage To option. 9. Select the Deny Disk Space To Users Exceeding Quota Limit check box. 10. Select the Log Event When A User Exceeds Their Quota Limit and Log Event When A User Exceeds Their Warning Limit check boxes, and then click Apply. Windows XP Professional displays the Disk Quota dialog box, telling you that you should enable the quota system only if you will use quotas on this disk volume and warning you that the volume will be rescanned to update disk usage statistics if you enable quotas. 11. Click OK to enable disk quotas. 12. What happens to the quota status indicator
Incremental backups are the fastest and smallest type of backup. However they are less efficient as a restore set, because you must restore the normal backup and then restore, in order of creation, each subsequent incremental backup.
Designing SQL Server Security in the Enterprise
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